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gym weights room for kickstarting weight loss

How To Kickstart Your Weight loss

Kickstarting weight loss can often be a hard first step, so here’s how to make it a little easier! Weight loss is hard, particularly when you are starting out, and for me, kickstarting when I had fallen off the food wagon was the most difficult. Kickstarting weight loss is about mentality and attitude as well […] Read more…

my weight loss timeline in pictures

My Weight Loss Timeline in pictures

My son was born in Jan 2012 and rather than lose “the baby weight” I  just obliviously, continued to put weight on On my 21st birthday, (April 2013) I weighed just over 14stone which for my 5ft 2” frame puts my BMI at 36.6 and firmly classed me as clinically obese. At the time I […] Read more…

trainers on a beam

Beginner Runner Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve decided to run! YAY, that’s the first step. Now if you’re a complete beginner, there are a variety of frequently asked questions you won’t even realise you needed to consider yet! Don’t worry it’s not as confusing as it looks, all of my suggestions/answers are things I tried and what works for me. […] Read more…

sports lady tying hair for HIIT training

Learning All About HIIT Training & How It Helps

Let’s get the low-down on HIIT training  You may hear this acronym a lot, but it can be intimidating to know what this means or what it means for you! I am answering all the questions about HIIT training and exercises. What is HIIT? It stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. As the name suggests these […] Read more…

8LB weighted stone dumbbells on the floor for strength training

Strength Training Info For Beginners

Strength training has been increasingly added to athletes and runners’ training programs recently. Specifically, in the last couple of years, athletes are noticing better running times and improved performance, as well as feeling better during their activities which the attribute to the integration of strength training into their routine. Strength training is also important for […] Read more…

walk running runners and walkers


Walk/Running, what is it and how can it help you as a beginner runner?  This post is part of the Beginner Running series and is a great place to start for those who might be apprehensive about starting a running program or who are looking to start running with no experience! With a BMI of 36 I […] Read more…

Foam rolling is no longer just for the elite athlete. Find out how you can use it, when you should (and shouldn't use it) how it helps and where to get one! 

Foam Rolling For Beginner Runners

  Foam rolling is not just for the elite athlete anymore it is for you and me! and I have found it very beneficial, especially as a runner when I am in training for an event and doing more mileage. If you’re a beginner runner or have only just started, you should know that waking […] Read more…

asics nimbus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Review

The Asics Gel Nimbus 15 were my first ever running shoes Although they are now discontinued I thought I would give them the respect they deserve, considering they managed to haul me around for 6 months! They were great shoes and reasonably priced to boot! *This is not a paid for review*  Name: Asics Gel […] Read more…

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