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I bought these as a gift to myself when I started adding more miles into my program. This was because they were a bit more expensive than others and I wanted to splash out.

I have worn them for a few months and although they are great for speed and comfort, the design took some getting used to. The official review is below:

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Adidas Boost
Adidas Boost

Name: Adidas Women’s Ultra Boost

Price: £130 (when I bought them)

Bought from: Amazon

Colour: Black, purple, white

Special Features:

  • Cushioned soles
  • Outer mesh (there is no tongue, you slip your foot into it like a sock)
  • Re-enforced sides
  • Internal Cushioning

Stability: Iffy – the reinforced sides are helpful but these are not the most supportive.

Style: Very stylish ( I have worn these a lot and had many compliments on the way they look, unlike the usual “runner shoes”)


Pros: They are really cushioned which makes them great for long runs and events because they just eat up the miles. They look great and feel like they mould to your feet making them very comfortable!

Also I have noticed a real increase in speed or at least perceived effort with these trainers which makes them fabulous for P.B events.

Cons: Stability can be an issue with speed-work or changing direction quickly because it is only material on the top and the sides are a bone-like structure. As they are not waterproof at all,  when they are wet (it’s like wearing thick socks so they get wet a lot) stability becomes even more of an issue. Wide footed people will need to go up half a size because there is not much adjustment in them and they are quite tight.

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

They are weird to begin with but you get used to them, the problem is that they are not even a little waterproof which is rubbish in poor weather (not great for the UK). I would recommend them to the seasoned runner, but not beginners.

Where can I buy them?

Amazon, Wiggle or most sports websites. Here is an affiliate link to them:

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