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I own a Samsung Gear Fit and I wear it almost 24/7 so I thought I would be able to give you a pretty good idea about what it is, does and most importantly whether it’s worth buying?

Sports watches are one of those things that you know are going to cost you – they just are – and when you are spending that much money you need to make an informed decision! This is not a paid for review (even if it was it wouldn’t affect how I feel about them, although I wouldn’t mind some free stuff *cough**cough*

Ultimately you want to know if what you are going to spend is worth it, so without all the usual marketing copy, here’s what you can expect from the Samsung Gear Fit and what I thought about it.


There are so many great features with this little watch it makes it a fantastic all-rounder for price:

  • Touchscreen Display
  • Notifications (calls, messages, emails) straight to your wrist
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Exercise Tracking – The running feature is great
  • Pedometer
  • Watch – seems obvious but the digital display is fab!
  • Sleep Tracker – (I love using this too to help me find out when I fidget in my sleep and how I can improve my sleep cycle)
  • Changeable wrist bands (bought separately)




It’s a fab design; sleek, curved edges and really simple – plus black goes with everything! It’s rectangle shape works really well to make the screen size big enough without taking up a lot of space on your wrist. Also if you fancy a change later there are inter-changeable strap options! (because accessorizing is also important).

One thing that also works for it is the display background is able to be changed to a range of different colours and backgrounds which makes a nice change if you wear it all the time (I love to mix it up).

Favourite Feature


When you connect it to your phone it sends a ping notification to your watch – not only does this make you look super cool “what am I doing? just reading my messages from my watch” but it also vibrates to let you know when you have a; call, message, email, reminder or alarm – which is perfect for me as I am partially deaf and struggle to hear my phone in the morning! So I actually also use this as an alarm in itself – I think they have missed a marketing demographic here!!

Low point

Now I am all about fair reviews and there is ONE minor thing that I would improve.

  1. Over time (and a lot of sweat) I have noticed the GPS is becoming less accurate which is fine for short runs but makes a difference for the longer marathon distances. With this in mind though the value for money still puts it ahead of a lot of its competitors.


The Gear Fit is currently priced at £79.90 ($122 ish) which gives it great value for money in the current market and against its competitors

Final Points

Overall the Gear Fit is one of the few sports watches in its price category that offer you the amount of features and options of the more expensive watches and I would definitely recommend.

Note: For the extensive list of compatible devices etc visit the Samsung Gear Fit Page

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