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Cake Through the letterbox with Baker Days

Cake Through The Letterbox With Baker Days

In this house cake doesn’t last long! so you can imagine our delight when we were approached by Baker Days to “Sample” (stuff our face) with a cake from their letterbox cake range which meant having it delivered through the letterbox with absolutely no effort whatsoever! (it tastes good already) Onto the Review… now I […] Read more…

Asics Gel-Pulse 6 Review

The Asics Gel-Pulse 6  have been fantastic and they are still going strong 1 year later! These were a great and unexpected gift last Christmas (thank you mummy) and although my mum is not very knowledgeable about running – she is great at shopping! Here’s how I got on with the them:   Name: Asics […] Read more…

adidas duramo 5 tr shoes feature image

Adidas Duramo 5 Trail Shoes Review

Trail shoes are a relatively new concept for me. Although I do run on trails I am not a “trail” specific runner and I don’t do a lot of cross country running so I never really thought I needed a pair. To be perfectly honest the reason I bought these initially was because my old […] Read more…

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