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Is the Beginner HIIT Blast workout too easy? or are you jumping straight in at the deep end? This 30 minute workout really steps it up for those who want to get a real sweat going in a short space of time, but be warned there is a large difference in intensity between the beginner and the expert (it’s called expert for a reason). HIIT is very flexible so if you find it too hard you can adjust it by:


  • Making the rest periods longer (1-2 minutes should do it)
  • Removing or substituting the exercises you are unable to do

Try not to reduce your intensity during the exercise because that is what enables you to keep your heart rate up. Ultimately the more effort you get in, the more benefits you take away!

HIIT Workout

High Knees 30 seconds, Burpees 30 seconds

30 seconds Rest

Jumping Jacks 30 seconds, Mountain Climbers 30 seconds

30 seconds Rest

Standing Sprint 1 minute

30 seconds Rest

Squat Jumps 30 seconds, Jump Lunges 30 seconds

30 Seconds Rest

Standing Sprint 30 seconds

2 minute Rest

Do Three Rounds

Total Time: 31 minutes

Things to Remember:

  • Jump Lunges – Keep form and don’t allow your knee to fall over your toes or you will increase your risk of injury
  • Mountain Climbers – Keep a “plank” back and avoid raising your hips to get the most out of the exercises
  • Jump Squats – Ensure proper form to avoid injury

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