Never miss a parenting post again! - The parenting Index for The Mummy toolbox

As a mummy, I have learned (very quickly) that parenting can be hard and I wish I had a parenting index when I started because there are so many things you have to figure out on your own! We are a young family and at times I feel like we are more out the loop than most. 

The parenting index tracks all of the parenting related posts from stories, disasters and useful tips and tricks to help you learn from my mistakes or even have some frugal fun. Since we don’t make all the money in the world most of these posts will be parenting on a budget or frugal, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole lot of love! So come and delve into our little family and maybe we could help yours as we navigate growing up together and surviving motherhood one day at a time since 2012!


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