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Trail shoes are a relatively new concept for me.

Although I do run on trails I am not a “trail” specific runner and I don’t do a lot of cross country running so I never really thought I needed a pair.

To be perfectly honest the reason I bought these initially was because my old trainers got a hole in halfway through the month and I needed shoes to bridge the gap until payday and these were the only ones that I could find within the budget.

I am really excited about these though! – They were a pleasant surprise

Adidas Duramo 5 Trail Shoes REview
Adidas Duramo 5 Trail Shoes

Name: Adidas Duramo 5 TR

Price: £30

Bought from:

Colour: Black and Purple

Special Features:

  • Great ventilation without compromising the stability
  • Good grips
  • Higher ankle collars (and they’re padded too)

Stability: Great

Style: Simple (and black is definitely the way to go – style wise)



These are trail shoes but I wore them for both trail and road running and they excelled at both.

The grip on these are great and the best shoes I have owned for poor weather conditions.

They have slightly thicker mesh than most too which means that they are better than most for rain or snow! something which is important for the U.K

The key point to note here was the stability – I deliberately started doing more trail running with these and they were fantastic on uneven ground, the extra ankle support was really noticeable and overall I have not had any twisted ankles wearing these (touch wood!)

These would be perfect if you’re recovering from injury and worried about support!.


You do compromise on cushioning with these shoes, for the price it is to be expected so you can really start to feel the pavement at mile 6 and  onward.

I wouldn’t recommend them for longer events or long runs but anything up to a 10k should be fine!

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

– Great for the winter,  poor weather and uneven ground. Great price for beginners or low mileage runners

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*This was not a paid for review – I purchased these myself, all thoughts, opinions and advice are my own – but I love them and runners should know about them :)*