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trainers next to bike in hallway fitness tracker printables

Free Fitness Tracker Printables (Digital or Printable)

I thought it was high time I bought the big guns out and created some fantastic fitness tracker printables for you all! As you know I have a Freebies section where I have some fitness related printables such as: Adult & Child ICE Emergency Cards BMR Calculations Walk/Running Regimes But these are highly specific and I […] Read more…

pregnant yoga mother staying active and healthy during pregnancy

Ways To Stay Healthy & Have An Active Pregnancy (+Infographic)

Having an active pregnancy is something I purposefully aimed for this time around. This is how I did it, as well as some of the tips to stay healthy! Staying active during pregnancy is one of the things I attribute to such a speedy recovery and good C-section experience. Also as I was a parent […] Read more…

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