Netball is my favourite sport, and one that I play! so here’s all the drills, tips and advice I have for you!

Netball defence drills feature image

7 Netball Defence Drills to Improve Your Game!

Aside from being fit enough to keep up with your player you need to learn how to “actively defend” against the opposing player to disrupt the other teams’ attacking strategies. Creating effective defence can be difficult during a game because you have to adapt as your opposition starts to identify your plans, therefore you need […] Read more…

netball youtube channels

7 Best Netball YouTube Channels to Follow for Tips and Fitness

Like most team and contact sports, netball requires a certain level of physical fitness to be competitive and healthy. Whether you’re a professional, an amateur, or just a recreational player, being in great condition allows you to play longer and avoid injuries. If you’re looking for workouts and tips to improve your skills and conditioning, […] Read more…

ankle stability

5 Ankle Stability Exercises for Netball Players

Ankle injuries are a common occurrence in the sport of netball. The sudden burst of speed, change of pace and direction, and jumping all put stress on the ankle. Good balance and a stable lower body allow athletes to compete with a lower risk of injuries. Here are 5 ankle stability exercises for netball players […] Read more…

netball quad series 2018

Ways To Watch The Netball Quad Series 2018

The Netball Quad Series 2018 is now in full swing! I find netball so hard to come by on TV! It’s hard to find somewhere to watch it so I thought I’d do an easy place you can catch all the action for this year’s Quad Series. The competition is fierce, and down under this […] Read more…

7 netball inspired nail art ideas If you are looking to get your netball fix in other ways here are some awesome netball nail art ideas inspired by the sport and perfect for short nails.

7 Netball Nail Art Ideas

Since I am off the Netball at the moment I have to look for new ways to get my fix and these netball nail art inspirations are just the way to do it!  I am spending far too much time trying to come up with new designs, I even did a Tiffany Inspired Nail Art […] Read more…

sports lady tying hair for HIIT training

Learning All About HIIT Training & How It Helps

Let’s get the low-down on HIIT training  You may hear this acronym a lot, but it can be intimidating to know what this means or what it means for you! I am answering all the questions about HIIT training and exercises. What is HIIT? It stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. As the name suggests these […] Read more…

8LB weighted stone dumbbells on the floor for strength training

Strength Training Info For Beginners

Strength training has been increasingly added to athletes and runners’ training programs recently. Specifically, in the last couple of years, athletes are noticing better running times and improved performance, as well as feeling better during their activities which the attribute to the integration of strength training into their routine. Strength training is also important for […] Read more…

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