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Finding Running Motivation On A Bad Day

Some days I don’t want to run…at all and finding running motivation on a bad day can be really hard.   I get it, sometimes motivating yourself to run is easier said than done, especially if you’ve had a bad day, mustering the will power to go workout can prove to be just another hurdle […] Read more…

Showing off our Bling - Kenley 10k P.B Recap

Kenley 10K New P.B & Recap

Wine, Birthdays, Hawaii and a very unexpected P.B  Name: Kenley 10k Where: Kenley Aerodrome, Surrey Distance: You guessed it – 10K Organiser: MCC Promotions My Time: 50:58 – New P.B Before I do the usual.. blah blah this is how it was, you need a bit of backstory for this run! The night before we decided to […] Read more…

feature image, pair of trainers being held against a field backdrop with writing on saying "are you too old to run? Plus an interview with Sue at Sizzling Towards 60"

Are You “Too Old To Run”?

When is it too late to start running? And when are you too old to run? From what I have seen, the answer is never. I am constantly overtaken at races and events by the mature runners more often than the “young and spritely” looking ones. This definitely inspires me to improve as I get older […] Read more…

The 12 Days Of Fitmas - Day 12

The 12 Days Of Fitmas – Day 12

IT’S THE END OF THE 12 DAYS OF FITMAS!  and we are going out with a bang! Hopefully you are feeling less sluggish and have started your new years resolution the right way! No Guilt for you!  It’s the last one! (did I mention that) so we are going all out with a hardcore plyometric […] Read more…

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