About me - The Mummy ToolboxI am a modern day wife and young mum who simultaneously has no time and too much time on her hands. With a son, husband (second son), daughter and four cats (yes four) I in no way have my life together (but where is the fun in that).

I love food and especially enjoy baking, although I am expanding my food horizons and love experimenting with new recipes! To combat all this noshing I run, play netball and love to workout!

I wasn’t always this way, I lost 5 stone (i’m sure I put it somewhere) through diet and exercise (why not check out my interview on everyday health to find out more) which has given me a new lease on life and wife-ness, as well as being a fun mum to my little chap. Watch me lose the weight in my Picture Timeline.

About me - The Mummy Toolbox


I change my mind about things (it’s a women’s prerogative) and I change my hobbies like I change my socks (which you’ll be pleased to know is regularly)! so you will find lots of different categories at The Mummy Toolbox. I don’t fit into a couple of categories so my blog doesn’t either! 

About me - The Mummy ToolboxI extensively overestimate my artistic ability. and I’m no expert but I know a few things and my extensive use of bullet points will show you I mean business. I am an avid researcher of both useful and useless ideas which I then obsess over (for a while at least). See what I am into at the moment on The Project Index

The Mummy Toolbox is where you will find all of the things I have sunk my teeth into – literally and otherwise – Which is how I have been surviving motherhood since 2012About me - The Mummy Toolbox

So a few promises from me:

  1. I will be completely honest –  All products, reviews and love are my own! – if I don’t like it then I’ll say so and you’ll know why. I’ll never back things I haven’t used myself. (I hate when people do that).
  2. I always give credit where it’s due – if I’ve found a recipe somewhere and adapted it- I’ll say so and I’ll put a link in case you like the other one better.
  3. I’ll try my best – Proofreading, editing and making sure I bring you as much research, tried and tested and only the best! but please remember I am only human so if I make a mistake then let me know and I will try and fix it!
  4. Positivity – I will try to make The Mummy Toolbox a place where you feel uplifted and helped 🙂

All I ask:

  • If you like it – let me know in the comments or on social media! (what can I say I’m needy)
  • If you want to show people – Give it a share
  • If you want to use my ideas then go right ahead but credit where it’s due and I want a nifty link too ( look at me assuming you’ll even like what I say :p)

Want to work with me and see everything I can offer, check out my Collaborate With Me page.