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vegetables on a chopping board with knife and text overlay - a basic meal prep introduction

A Basic Meal Prep Introduction

Meal Prep can be intimidating, especially with all the social media hashtags, fitness guru’s and all-round health nuts but what does it actually mean and how can it help you? Meal prep isn’t just for the super fit and elite, everyday mums and dads can use it to stay on top of their lifestyle and […] Read more…

How I justify adding swimming to my routine plus all of the benefits you can get from swimming!

Justifying, Using The Benefits of Swimming

I have to say, I have always enjoyed swimming and as a kid, I was basically a fish, swimming 6 times a week for a club and loved it. Fast forward to today and I hadn’t swum for years for various reasons or another and when I broke my ankle I needed some kind of exercise […] Read more…

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