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How to take care of yourself, be healthy, happy and everything in between.

Herbal tea

10 Herbal Combinations to Help Boost Your Immunity During Winter

Our bodies become susceptible to common infections as temperatures drop. It is not unheard of that a neighbour or an officemate caught the flu or at least has a runny nose because the low temperature naturally triggers our bodies to slow down to conserve more energy and heat. But it likewise encourages the proliferation and […] Read more…

5 Reasons Pets Are Good for Your Mental Health

Pets have been a long-time companion to humans. They offer friendship, love, compassion, and a bit of happiness on the gloomiest of days. Recent research would also tell you that pets are beneficial for our mental health as well.   Who needs research to know that our pets bring so much to the table other than […] Read more…

pregnant and fat feature image

Pregnant and…Fat

Yep I said it, I am Pregnant and…Fat I know, I know, “i’m not fat, I’m pregnant” thanks but unfortunately it isn’t true! Yes I am growing a human being and of course I feel bigger and more uncomfortable because I am near the end. This is not my first rodeo. Unfortunately however I am […] Read more…

pregnancy heat - pregnant and melting feature image

Pregnant and…Melting

England has decided that it actually likes summer so… because it is June, we are in a heatwave, therefore, I am Pregnant and…Melting I wish I was this goddess in the feature image, on the beach, embracing the bump in the sunshine, however, I am a sweaty, massive, disgusting mess. I am also a traditional Brit, if […] Read more…

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