pregnant and fat feature image

Pregnant and…Fat

Yep I said it, I am Pregnant and…Fat I know, I know, “i’m not fat, I’m pregnant” thanks but unfortunately it isn’t true! Yes I am growing a human being and of course I feel bigger and more uncomfortable because I am near the end. This is not my first rodeo. Unfortunately however I am […] Read more…

pregnant driving day two "pregnant and..." series

Pregnant and…Driving

Did I mention it was hot? Well, this has led to me being Pregnant and…Driving I passed my automatic driving test last year and anyone who knows me will know that was an achievement as I have never been very confident on the roads. Since then I haven’t sat in the driver’s seat, driven a […] Read more…

pregnancy heat - pregnant and melting feature image

Pregnant and…Melting

England has decided that it actually likes summer so… because it is June, we are in a heatwave, therefore, I am Pregnant and…Melting I wish I was this goddess in the feature image, on the beach, embracing the bump in the sunshine, however, I am a sweaty, massive, disgusting mess. I am also a traditional Brit, if […] Read more…

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