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They say to never skip leg day, but what do you do when you’re pregnant? A second-trimester leg workout!

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I have been on the hunt for strength exercises that can help me keep up some sort of fitness without causing too much strain or stress on the bump. While having a healthy baby is my number one priority, so is remaining healthy myself and ideally not losing too much of my hard earned fitness. So, with that in mind, I have been trying to come up with a second-trimester leg workout that will help me during this stage of my pregnancy.

I also want to clarify that I am a low-risk pregnancy and have spoken to my healthcare professionals who have okayed my exercise plans and routine. As someone who is used to these sorts of exercises, it is less risky for me to continue through pregnancy but you should always check with your doctor or healthcare provider, especially during pregnancy – we only want healthy babies and mamas here!

At the moment I choose to do 30 seconds of time rather than repetitions of each exercise so it is easily adaptable the bigger I get. My reps will be different but I will always doing the same amount of time which is easier to track when you change ability, and size, so here is my second-trimester leg workout.

Squats – 30 seconds, 15 second rest X 5 sets

Side leg raises – 30 seconds, 15 second rest X 5 sets

Lunges – 30 seconds, 15 second rest X 5 sets

Wall sit – 30 seconds, 15 second rest X 5 sets

Donkey kicks – 30 seconds, 15 second rest X 5 sets

Calf raises – 30 seconds, 15 second rest X 5 sets

*This is always followed by 5-10 minute of stretching and foam rolling because otherwise I really feel it in the morning and you can obviously make it harder by including weights or a resistance band or you could make it easier by increasing the rest period to 30 seconds or lowering the working time. It is all about adjusting it to suit your needs! *

One of the rules I am sticking by, although it is hard for me, is listening to my body about when to stop. I am usually one for a challenge and pushing myself but at the moment my body is already under strain growing life and what not, which means if it becomes too much, I cut it down or stop. Always listen to your body and if you don’t feel like you can do it, then don’t!The most important part is staying active and healthy throughout your pregnancy and hopefully, with this second-trimester leg workout it’s a great step towards that.

The most important part is staying active and healthy throughout your pregnancy and hopefully, with this second-trimester leg workout, it’s a great step towards that. Here are some more ways to have an Active Pregnancy (with a handy infographic).


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They say never to skip leg day and now during your pregnancy you won't have to with this easily adaptable second trimester leg workout.

30 comments on “Second Trimester Leg Workout”

  1. These are a great idea for anyone, even if you’re not pregnant. My legs need work, I’m going to print your graphic and start doing this. 🙂

  2. These are great exercises for anyone. Glad you got cleared by your doctor first. So many women try to push their bodies the exact same while pregnant and for some it’s doable.

  3. Oh wow. This is such motivation and the right thing to do to make sure you stay fit during your pregnancy. Thanks for the inspiration and showing that it can be done.

  4. Great leg routine. I know a lot of women worry about keeping up with their fitness while pregnant. You want to be able to stay healthy without over doing it.

  5. I don’t workout at all, but this one seems simple enough and would probably help get me into the mood to start exercising regularly. That may be what I need to get motivated.

  6. Congratulations Charlotte and you are certainly a fit yummy mummy. This leg workout would be suitable for anyone to do so I’ve shared in my #couchpotatotofabfit Facebook Group.

  7. It’s good to have an active lifestyle during pregnancy. Not everybody can engage in physical workout during their pregnancy so keep it up, it is a good thing

  8. These are awesome exercises for pregnant women. I will be bookmarking this for future use as I plan to have another one in the future and will be sharing this to my soon-to-be mom friends too.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  9. My legs hurt so bad during my pregnancies. This would have been a great help to get them stretched up and strong.

  10. It’s nice that people are promoting exercising while pregnant these days unlike before. It’s really going to help you out during labor. I’m sure a lot of women can benefit from this!

  11. These are great! Even for me since I am postpartum. I will have to share it with some of my pregnant friends as well.

  12. Love this workout! I miss being pregnant. I’m going to bookmark this for my next pregnancy. Looks great!

  13. These are great exercises, pregnant or not. I’m in my second trimester as well and was actually in the midst of working on my legs until my doctor advised me to make to take it easy. I’ll definitely have to keep these in mind after my pregnancy, though!

    • aww congrats! yer definitely listen to the doctor, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do it but I am going to keep giving it a go until I can’t 🙂

  14. It is fantastic that you are still keeping active during your pregnancy, something which I feel is very important to maintain fitness levels. Great workout x

  15. Good for you for keeping the workouts going. I don’t think I worked out once while pregnant. Must be why you look so fabulous!

  16. Sticking with a workout routine can be difficult for me, but you make it sound so simple! Staying organized with a set group of exercises sounds like a good way to stay focused.

  17. You are an inspiration to all pregnant and post-pregnant. I wish I had stayed in better shape when I was pregnant. Good luck and always listen your body.

  18. Wow…there’s no way you would’ve caught me doing this during my second trimester or even now, I think I’d die if I tried. More power to you mama!

  19. My baby girl just turned 4 months today. I had been running before pregnancy, but go so sick I had to quit. I am now getting back into running, but looking for new exercises to do throughout the week. These will be perfect.

    Good luck on your exercises and congratulations on the pregnancy!

  20. So good that you are sticking to your routine throughout your pregnancy! Continue to listen to your body and enjoy that baby!

  21. Always a smart idea – no matter what you’re doing – to listen to your body’s needs. It never lies. But love the workout routines you share and they are really ideal especially if preggers!

  22. Good for you! I didn’t workout AT ALL when I was pregnant and now looking back – I wish that I had.

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