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It’s the TMT gender reveal! – It’s a girl


I thought about doing a fancy gender reveal and honestly, we decided that we didn’t want to make such a big fuss! So instead I thought I would write a post about our scan and then share some of my favorite gender reveals that I have seen instead!

What most people forget is that the gender scan is also the anomaly scan which means there was definitely some natural apprehension going in because it starts to determine any abnormalities with growth, organs or conditions. The level of detail available at the scan was so much clearer than even 5 years ago and some of the things we got to see were:

  • All four heart chambers (including blood flow) – to check for holes and make sure it is beating and functioning properly
  • The placenta – We also got to see all three vessels through the placenta at a cross section
  • All four limbs/fingers/toes etc
  • The tibia – and measured leg length
  • The brain/head – measuring the cerebellum
  • Both kidneys
  • The stomach and checked for fluid (that’s a good thing)
  • The spine

and then of course, we found out it was a girl! – there is no doubt about it, we got a pretty graphic angle. This came as a shock to us because we have a little boy and we had convinced ourselves that there was no way it was a girl as they are less common in both of our families. Well clearly we were wrong and after a brief panic we realised we would have one of each (and that we were diving into the unknown again!)

So far the shopping has been great because we have to buy all new baby clothes (it’s been a while since the last one) and we are reading up on some of the differences between boys and girls and although it is a little daunting we managed to keep the other one alive so I think we will be okay! (i’mΒ sure I will let you know in a few frenzied “SOS” type posts if not!)


ultrasound tmt gender reveal
Ultrasound detail! 20 weeks

Just because we didn’t want to do a big gender reveal it doesn’t mean I don’t think they are a fun idea so with that in mind I thought I would share 5 of my favorites that I have seen! (if you have a gender reveal you want to share then pop it in the comments and I’ll expand my list!!)

5 Of My Favorite Gender Reveals

1. An insight into this couple’s well thought out gender reveal party (plenty of ideas here too!!)

2. This cute Christmas reveal with the parents reveal at the end!

3. A silly string twin surprise!

4. Getting the kids involved in this twin reveal

5.And this cute pregnancy announcement compilation! (not technically a gender reveal but major cuteness anyway!)

We are a little scared to start on our new girly adventure but just wanted to share with you all! What’s your favorite gender reveal??

38 comments on “TMT Gender Reveal – It’s A Girl”

  1. Congratulations! Girls are wonderful. I have two daughters. I enjoy seeing the gender reveals on Facebook. They weren’t a thing when I had children.

  2. First off, congratulations!!! Secondly, I can’t believe I didn’t think to do a video gender reveal!!! It’s such a great idea. We had the worst time trying to get a surprise look through photography, and I think I’ll have to try one of these the second time around!

  3. Congratulations dear Charlotte. My first was a girl followed by a boy and then another boy. That was before ultrasounds were routine and we did not know the gender until the birth. How things have changed. How ever it happens it is a wonderful new life miracle.

  4. Yay congratulations! Gender reveals are so cute. I wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy.

  5. Congratulations! I hope she is as healthy and as happy as she can be. I remember when I found out I was having a girl. It was one of the happiest times of my life.

  6. Congratulations on the healthy girl! Gender reveals are so much fun. We sort of did one with our first son with cake that we cut into.

  7. Wow this is so cute! I always wanted to do a gender reveal with my little ones but never did!

  8. Congratulations! I have two daughters and it’s so much fun. Our house is definitely full of pink glittery things but each have their own personality. These announcements are great!

  9. Congratulations! Girls are so much fun to dress πŸ™‚ I’ve had two kids and have yet to do a gender reveal. Definitely want to do one for our third child!

  10. Congrats. Gender reveals just started coming out when I was pregnant. When I have another child I definitely want to do one when we have another one.

  11. CONGRATS! I wish Gender Reveals were a thing when I was pregnant! They are so much fun! Hope you are feeling good!

  12. Congratulations! I did not do a gender reveal when i had my kids, but it sure is a cute idea!! Love it πŸ™‚

  13. Congratulations! Gender reveals are such a wonderful event for families! I should have done this…and the result was all my stuff was green and blue and I had a baby girl! LOL! Oh well!

  14. Congrats!! I never did a gender reveal, though I wish I would have. I feel like I missed out on a lot of things during my pregnancies, but I’m so glad people have fun doing these!!

  15. Congratulations for having a little girl! I too am expecting and having a baby boy. I’m due this month! It’s so exciting! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  16. Congratulations beautiful, you must be so excited!! I wish you and your whole family just the bestest of best things xxx

  17. Congratulations! Wow when I had my kids not that long ago gender reveals were not a big deal and now….they’re so fun! I missed out!! πŸ™‚ lol.

  18. Now I have just sat and watched 30 mins of pregnancy announcement videos and cried happy tears. πŸ™‚ Love these things.

  19. Congratulations on your new addition! I’m a boy mom myself and have loved the responsibility of raising a member of the next generation of men. I’m also still a toddler mom, so I’m not sure that I’m ready to go through it all again (just yet or ever)!

  20. how fun! I am currently working on a gender reveal post myself. We had a boy in September, and out reveal was me and my husband blindfolded and handed squeeze bottles of paint. It ended up being blue paint in ours, it was messy and fun.

  21. Oh, congratulations! This is so exciting for you! The videos are super cute. I have a friend’s baby shower coming up and she keeps telling me how excited she is to do a gender reveal first, I can’t wait to see what it is!

  22. I love watching ginger reveals I always get excited to even if I don’t know the couple. I wish gender reveal’s were thing back when my babies were little or before they were born but that was so long ago it really wasn’t a thing to reveal the gender besides saying oh it’s a boy or a it’s a girl .

  23. Love how people do those gender reveal parties nowadays! They can be really creative and cute and a fun time – but I also see keeping it simple. Lots of choices now!

  24. Congrats, that is so exciting to discover. I really like the idea of surprising everyone with the news.

  25. Congratulations. I think gender reveals are so fun! My sister and brother in law are preparing for one in a few months. Squeee.

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