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Yesterday I hit the 36-week mark of my pregnancy and … there is plenty going on in my life currently! 

Things haven’t slowed down at all and I am experiencing new trials and tribulations that I don’t remember going through the first time round if I am honest. What they say is true, every pregnancy is different, for example, my lack of pregnancy sleeping (oh yes, that’s still happening!). So I thought I would turn it into a mini 7-day pregnant series to summarize how my last trimester is going so far. After all, if I can’t rant on my own blog, where can I rant? Although I will make every effort to take something positive and offer advice to how I am dealing with each of these, there are no guarantees except a lot of moaning! :p

Here’s the lineup for the next week of the pregnant series and each will be available to click on the day they are released (and thereafter!):

Pregnant and…Melting

Pregnant and…Driving

Pregnant and…Fat

Pregnant and…Working

Pregnant and…Tired

Pregnant and…Alone

Pregnant and…Not Nesting

Bonus: Pregnant and…Parenting

Pregnant and…Overdue

Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I'm turning it into a mini pregnant series called "Pregnant and..." documenting the final trials this time around.

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  1. What a great idea Charlotte and I hope that the last few weeks aren’t too trying for you. Although you now have your series to write and take your mind off things LOL:)

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