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England has decided that it actually likes summer so… because it is June, we are in a heatwave, therefore, I am Pregnant and…Melting

I wish I was this goddess in the feature image, on the beach, embracing the bump in the sunshine, however, I am a sweaty, massive, disgusting mess. I am also a traditional Brit, if it’s raining… I moan, too cold…I moan but this heat when 36 weeks pregnant is the next level. I promise I won’t moan about the cold, ever again (at least until winter!).

I don’t ever remember being this hot! and the worst part about pregnancy is that you already run warmer anyway and this combination makes you unnecessarily cranky and unbearably angry.

As well as this, at 36 weeks I am a bit of a heifer, waddling (or struggling to) around so I can’t move fast enough to create my own breeze or at least escape the sun very easily and as much as I am trying to stay indoors, there are things to be done and the school run in particular! Because of all this I am in a perpetual state of sweating and melting (eww), plus with soaring temperatures and no air conditioning (like most of the domestic UK!) I am really struggling to keep cool and avoid from turning into a crisp! Here’s the tactics I have been using so far:

5 Ways I Am Keeping Cool When Pregnant:

1.Plenty of showers

Lukewarm showers have become my best friend and I make sure to have one right before bed to help me get at least an hour or so of decent sleep. I also find that they make me feel clean and refreshed by getting rid of the scum of the day too, did anyone say underboob sweat?! I have also started having them in the middle of the day when it gets the hottest if I am struggling to cool down.

2. Frozen Tea Towels

These are my current favourite and the concept would probably work with a flannel too but it takes the cool comfort to the next level! I run a tea towel under the tap, ring it out so that it no longer drips, fold it in half and leave in the freezer. I have a couple of these on the go at the moment and they are amazing for midnight cooldowns or placing on the back of your neck during the day!

3. Hair Ties

I have very thick hair, which normally I don’t complain about. However, it just gets sticky and disgusting in this weather so I have been tying it up out of my face and aiming to have it high off my neck. My favourite hair choices are french plaits, buns and high ponytails because they all do the trick and are fairly simple to implement.

4. More Ice

You may remember my main pica craving has been for ice (read about other weird pregnancy cravings here) but that seems to have been a good thing with the current temperatures so this is not a complaint. If you don’t fancy crunching, ice cubes in the drink, wrapped in a tea towel or just placed on the forehead also work!

5. Nudity

Oh yes, it might not be pretty to have my naked whale body out and about but when I am home, I am embracing my nude side! Fewer clothes means less heat and I will take all the help I can get!

What else can I do to keep cool in the last trimester so that I am not pregnant and melting?? Let me know in the comments!

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Day 1 of my "pregnant and..." series, dealing with pregnant heat without melting. A rant about overheating and how I am trying to stay cool at 36 weeks!

18 comments on “Pregnant and…Melting”

  1. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you being pregnant and in a heat wave! I’ve never had a baby, but I do know that this heat is almost unbearable for a non-pregnant person, never mind a heavily pregnant lady 🙁 x

  2. I remember being pregnant with Kian during a really hot summer and I ended up sitting in the fridge at work (literally) – glad you have found some ways to cool, off

  3. I was pregnant through the summer with my first and it can be so hard when it’s really hot, humid and sticky but these are some great tips. Just keeping cool and hydrated in key

    Laura x

  4. Oh my goodness, I’ve been moaning so much about this heat but I can’t even imagine how horrendous it must be for you when pregnant! I really feel for you. Thankfully, the sun has gone away for a few days so hopefully you’ve managed to cool down!

  5. One of my friends is heavily pregnant and I feel SOOOO sorry for her 🙁 Luckily I have avoided summer pregnancies! I think lukewarm showers are the way to go! x

  6. I went through this a few years ago with my youngest and it was hell. The frozen teatowels are a must we do that also sheets in the freezer 😉 x

  7. Lol I know where you are coming from I had the same problem each time I was pregnant. Nudity works as long as no one can see you from outside and also cool showers they were great!

  8. Luckily I never went through this as got pregnant at the end of the summer and my daughter was born in May so missed any heatwaves thank goodness! Great tips, hope the rest of the summer is kind to you!

  9. Those ice towels sound refreshing. I just tried to lay down a lot when I was pregnant. It is even more difficult when pregnant.

  10. Ice tea towels is such a good idea, I can’t believe I never thought of this. And who cares what you look like if being naked helps with the heat then do it, although maybe not to pop down the shops, hehe x

  11. I live in the southeast of the United States, in Florida. We have unbearable heat and humidity most of the year. (January is pretty much our only winter) These are all tips that I would use at any give time during the day. Bless your heart, I couldn’t imagine being pregnant in that heat.

  12. Extreme summer heat in England is just unbearable. I was visiting in 2013 and found it difficult to bear it despite being from a hot country (India) The tubes especially were terrible.
    Do remember to keep yourself hydrated. In India we have a lot of cold buttermilk, a drink called lassi or chhaas.

  13. I spent all of last summer pregnant. My boy was born in September, and living in Florida means super hot temperatures! I spent a lot of time at my parent’s house in their pool for sure.

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