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Yup, I am opting for an elective caesarean and nope I am not ashamed about it, here’s why!


I’m not really a horror birth story kind of girl, but you’ll need a little background info to get my reasoning here so here’s the abridged version of my first pregnancy, which was no walk in the park!
Well technically, the pregnancy was fine, my little guy just decided he was going to camp out in there forever! After being a week and a half overdue, they spent a further week giving me all of the usual drama of sweeps, medicine, breaking my waters and having a whale of a time attempting to kickstart the birth naturally, we got nothing. So, they put me on the induction drip (no I don’t know what it’s called, I was a bit preoccupied to care either) and ouch! At this point I was two and a half weeks overdue and I sat in labour for 18 hours having forced, medically induced contractions and the little guy carried on humming away and falling asleep in between them. At hour 18 they finally agreed with what I had been telling them for days, he’s not interested! So, in I went for an emergency caesarean.
After a week in hospital, sleeping badly and 18 hours of forced labour you can imagine I was tired and my body was too. I had a complicated caesarean that involved a lot of blood loss and a few complications but after a few days, we all made it out relatively healthy (my little guy was fine and was more annoyed he was disturbed than anything else!) and ba da bing ba da boom, the rest is history.
why I am choosing an elective caesarean, after the little guy was born
We Made It Out Okay

Why I’m Having An Elective Caesarean

This time around, I made the executive decision to opt for an elective caesarean which at first doesn’t make much sense since the first one was quite horrific, however here are the reasons why!
Time Away From The Toddler – Once they start the induction process, whether it is successful or not, you are then the hospital’s responsibility and therefore you can’t leave (something they didn’t tell me the first time round until they had already started). They spent a week attempting induction when I went overdue the first time which is annoying but fine when you have no kids but any parent will tell you that they can’t leave their toddlers for a week for nothing. So if I am going into the hospital there better be a good reason!
No More Drip – Due to scarring, if you end up having a caesarean the first time round you aren’t allowed to have the chemical drip because it can cause tearing in the scar tissue as the contractions are forced and too strong.
Not Going Overdue – I have been pregnant for a grand total of 42 weeks and 3 days last time, I paid my time and my dues so I don’t need to go overdue this time too! Imagine being 40 weeks and how unhappy and uncomfortable you are…. and then do this for almost another 2 (and a bit)  weeks…nope. Never again.
my last overdue pregnancy and why I am having an elective caesarean this time
This is not a happy face!
It’s Not My Natural Process – I never dilated, can you believe it, throughout the entire induction process I never got past 1cm (which is where I was at before they started) meaning my body just didn’t (or couldn’t) kickstart labour, and i’m pretty sure the nurses were getting personally offended that nothing was working either.
Post-partum complications – Due to the length of induction, how worn out my body was and how far overdue I was, I lost a lot of blood during surgery and became heavily anaemic which stayed with me for 3-6 months post-partum even though I was on medication to help. It meant my recovery was longer and took a while to get properly self-sufficient and back on my feet which is not something I can encounter again.
It’s Not The “Easy” Way Out – I challenge anyone who has given birth naturally and had a caesarean to say it’s the easy way out! (They won’t because it’s not true). Honestly, if you include the recovery for this major surgery it can make things a lot more difficult and not just on your body but emotionally as well because you are a lot more dependant and there are somethings that you can’t initially do.

Benefits Of An Elective Caesarean

While you may not want to consider this, there are some upsides to having a planned caesarean, including:
Plenty Of Planning – You are given a date to come in and you know the circumstances afterward which means you can make childcare arrangements, organise your routine right up until C-Day and tie up any loose ends. You can also pre-book time off work for maternity and paternity leave and for us it means scheduling plenty of activities for our little guy!
No Wasted Time – I don’t have to go in and out of hospital, or worse, stay in hospital for extended periods of time. I can go in for the procedure, have my recovery days and then come out as a family, when the real fun begins. No wasting time with if’s and but’s.
Being Well Rested – I don’t have to go into labour or surgery after 18 hours and be exhausted, I can be mentally strong and healthy as well as physically to give it the best chance at my recovery this time round.
Earlier Meeting – Usually an elective caesarean is booked for around 38 weeks when the baby is fully developed and that means I get to meet this little one sooner!

Ultimately, I only care that my baby and I are healthy and that is what I am trying to accomplish with an elective caesarean and before anyone comments on the ‘natural’ side of things, it has also been recommended by my consultant, midwife and birthing team as the most viable option for me. That being said, if my waters break and go into labour naturally prior to C-Day, then off I go (I am sure you will enjoy the ironic birth blog post after. But, I have had a caesarean before the first time, I know how painful it is afterward (once the drugs wear off) and I realize the restrictions and issues it can cause because I lived it, and I am still opting for it anyway, and that is the joy of pregnancy and childbirth, we have a choice, and that is why I am choosing to have an elective caesarean, and that’s ok.

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43 comments on “Why I’m Having An Elective Caesarean And That’s Ok”

  1. C section is never an easy option I completely agree but I too went for elective second time around following a very complicated and dangerous birth first time around. High five to you, don’t listen to anyone who says your doing it easy x

  2. All the best Charlotte for a safe delivery and healthy baby. At the end of the day a healthy baby and mum is the priority. Well done for putting your case forward (even though it really isn’t anyone else’s business – it is what is best for you.)

  3. I have had two natural births in the past, but I couldn’t imagine telling another woman how she should give birth. What may work for some, may not work for others. Your health and the baby’s health are what matters most. Wishing you the best!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I had an elective Csection with my last son and I felt guilty about it. It was the best thing for us though.

  5. My first pregnancy was an emergency c-section and I vowed to make it right with my second and I had a VBAC. Best of luck with your baby, it’s hard to make the decision!

  6. Pregnancies are all about doing what you think and feel is best! I loved how you went into detail with this process

  7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s always best to go with what you think is the best situation for yourself and your child. People will always judge and it’s best to just ignore them because they are not you & they don’t know what you or your child needs.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience. I do feel that when it comes to pregnancy and choices, to each is own. And since each pregnancy is different each time, decisions for these become unique as well.

  9. I think ultimately this is a decision the mom (you) has to make for herself. Nobody has the right to tell you otherwise, or judge you. Your body, your choice. Period!

  10. If it is the best thing for you and baby then that is all that should matter. I know that with my pregnancies the deliveries were never easy and there were almost complications that led to a c-section.

  11. I have to admit that having had 5 natural births and then a c-section I cannot understand how anyone would choose to have one as it was horrendous and the recovery took so much longer, however, the decision is yours and as you and the baby are safe then that is all that ,matters

  12. I never read an article about this before. Nice read, this is very informative not just to expecting mothers but for those who are planning to have a baby too.

  13. as a VBAC mom, I applaud you. Every mom should have the right to birth the way that is best for them and their baby. I hated being told that i HAD to have a C-section just because I had one before, and I am sure you didn’t want to hear that you NEEDED to try vaginally. we do our research and choose what is right for us.

  14. With my oldest I had an emergency c-section after 44 hours of labor – I wanted to do the natural thing, ended up getting pitocin after 18 hours of labor, never progressed enough, and then ended up having the c-section. Come to find out a previous injury had fused my pelvis to my hips so it wouldn’t open like it was supposed to. From then on, c-sections for me 🙂

  15. I might be having children soon and I find your decision so brave and well thought out. Kudos! And good luck with everything 🙂 Hope it goes well.

  16. This is ever so interesting to read! I was born through a c-section and I’ve often asked my mum and she would totally agree with some of these points too. She was much older than you though so it was on the cards from the start but there are definitely benefits to it! x

  17. Wow I have heard of this but never really looked into the differences. You did a great job on telling what it’s like naturally and how you are going about it now.

  18. If its something that will be the best in the long run it shouldn’t matter. I had a c section and had the worst recovery. My son stretched my belly out so bad. My frame is so small so I had no idea the aftermath would be as bad.

  19. I think it’s okay too and I think every mother should make the decision that is best for body! I opted not to have one with my twins because it was best for my situation. I would never judge anyone for having or not having one.

  20. Of course it is ok! I am glad you have this option and that you know what’s best for you and your baby. I cannot imagine taking this away from you!

  21. This was really interesting, I didn’t know you could elect for this. When my mom gave birth to my little sister, she had to have a c-section since I was. Go figure. You’re doing what’s best for you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your choice.

  22. Thanks for sharing your story but I don’,t think moms who opt to do CS should even explain. It’s your body and it’s yoir choice what to do with it. I’m sure everything will be better this time around.

  23. I’m not pregnant again (yet!) but I’ve been told any future births will have to be c-sections after my first was a c-section too. I was two weeks overdue and induced which ended in an emergency section. Although I did get to 10cm dilated and pushed for 90 minutes, baby was not having any of it and apparently, my hips are just not the right shape to give birth naturally. At first I was a bit gutted I’d never experience ‘natural’ birth but you know what? I gave it a BLOODY good go the first time round and as long as baby arrives safely, I’ve done my job.

  24. My first baby was c-section and it was hard but the second time around was completely different and I was able to have a VBAC and had so much support than I had the first go at it. . I personally don’t agree with an elective c-section unless medically necessary but each person is uncharge of their own healthcare decisions and ofcourse a healthy baby and mommy is the ultimate goal, no matter how you get there! Best wishes!

  25. You clearly have thought this all out in great detail and that shows how mindful you are of your health and that of the baby. Thanks for listing all the medical details/reasons about this procedure. So helpful to those considering this…

  26. Definitely glad you were able to make this decision and not be swayed by what others may think! You do whats best for you! I almost had one because of the instability in my hips, thankfully my doctor said she thought I would be okay but I had already come to terms with that possibility.

  27. I think it’s great you are doing what is right by you and you’re no ashamed of it – if it feels right then that’s brilliant more power to you!

  28. You’re doing what’s best for you and baby and that’s a great thing. I’m not sure what the problem/stigma is with women having caesareans. I guess some think it should be ‘all natural’ but that’s not practical, or safe, for some women.

  29. I totally understand why you would make that choice and I feel it is the sensible one too. I have a friend who went through similar and made the same choice. She didn’t regret it.

  30. My first pregnancy resulted in an awful few weeks in hospital and a LOOOOOOOONG induction. I signed for a section after baby being stuck for ages but in theatre they wanted one last try and luckily he came out with foceps. Had I gone through all that and needed a section as you did there is no doubt that second time round I would have done the same as you! Our bodies just tell us what they need sometimes and whatever feels right for you is right xx

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