This is SOOOOO important (notice the capitals) because you don’t need an injured team! So make sure everyone gets a good warm-up!

First Things first

Get Warm and get running/jogging
This is a great way to loosen up the muscles and get everyone a bit more supple, also for people with achy muscles it’s a great way to ease out which means less moaning when you get the real training going :p

  • This can be a couple of laps of the court ( increasing speed slightly after each lap)
  • Slow jogging up and back ( a more relaxed version of suicides – to the lines and back)

A stretching circle

This is really useful to do a quick catch-up with everyone too or talk about club news/fixtures etc. As it sounds you all face each other in the shape of a circle whilst stretching out. Coaches should also ask about any injuries to be aware of at this point – injuries should be catered for as some stretches/exercises are not suitable. This is my favourite part of warm-up (probably because I get to chat a lot :p)

Static Stretching – (Staying still whilst stretching)
*Starting from the bottom*

Roll out the ankles – one way then the other

Hamstrings – sitting chair

*Note: If you can’t touch your toes then rest your hands on your knee, as long as you feel the stretch*

Calf stretch

Vary this by taking a wider stance, keeping your heel to the floor and being free standing to then combine with the shoulder stretch.

Shoulder Stretch

*Note: Try not to bend the elbow or pull too far across your body, stand firm and tall*

Quad Stretch

*Notes: keep your bum tucked under your spine in this with a straight back to avoid injury. Doing this freestanding works more of your core muscles, if you are struggling with balance then focus on an un-moving spot*

Tricep Stretch

*Note: For a deeper stretch wrap your other arm around and under to meet your hands on your back*

Lastly Roll out your wrists side to side and shake it all about (not quite the oaky cokey but still)

Dynamic Stretching – (Stretching with movement)

Arm Circles rotating arms in a controlled movement clockwise and then anti-clockwise

Variation: “The windmill” – moving both arms at the same time in opposite directions (this can be difficult for the un-coordinated so have patience)


Lunges – stepping forward and bending at the knee (making sure the knee doesn’t extend past the toes). Attempting to go down and make a 90 degree angle (or if that’s not possible as low as you can go whilst keeping good form)
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