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Like most team and contact sports, netball requires a certain level of physical fitness to be competitive and healthy. Whether you’re a professional, an amateur, or just a recreational player, being in great condition allows you to play longer and avoid injuries. If you’re looking for workouts and tips to improve your skills and conditioning, here are the 7 best netball YouTube channels to follow.

netball youtube channels

England Netball

On the official channel of the UK’s governing body of the sport, you can find game highlights, interviews, and other promotional content about the England Netball league. You’ll find professional athletes and coaches sharing game tips and fitness workouts that you can do to level up your game.

Netball Girl Code

Founded by two netball coaches based in the UK, Em and Ali created the NetBallGirlCode as a channel dedicated to fitness workouts. It contains videos of conditioning and HIIT workouts and mini-challenges that beginners and experienced athletes can enjoy. 

The Maias Netball Network

Maias Netball offers coaching services to teams and athletes and their channel has tons of videos of drills, hacks, workouts, and some exclusive content. It’s one of the most up to date and complete channels available.

Solo Sessions

The Solo Sessions channel by Sasha Corbin was founded in 2012. As England’s Ambassador of the sport, she’s been sharing boot camp drills, tips, and workout routines that can be done indoors and outdoors. 

Falcons Netball Club

The Club supports teams competing in Middlesex and offers training and development sessions for teens and kids that are 16 and under. Founder Gemma Holland has created this channel to share the Falcon Netball Club’s workout routines.

Radford Athletic Development

Based in Australia, the gym’s channel boasts of workout and training content for netball and other sports. It’s one of the Netball YouTube Channels where Netball athletes can find drills and strength and conditioning videos to keep you in peak form.

Netty Heads

The Netty Heads offers a platform to coach and help netball athletes hone their skills, whether it’s in the beginner or advanced levels. Their Netball YouTube channel focuses more on drills to improve shooting, footwork, and ball handling.