How I justify adding swimming to my routine plus all of the benefits you can get from swimming!

Justifying, Using The Benefits of Swimming

I have to say, I have always enjoyed swimming and as a kid, I was basically a fish, swimming 6 times a week for a club and loved it. Fast forward to today and I hadn’t swum for years for various reasons or another and when I broke my ankle I needed some kind of exercise […] Read more…

Summer Running Essentials - kit, tips and advice for running in the summer and being able to progress in the heat

Summer Running Essentials

Surprisingly, summer has actually kicked in over here in the UK and it is hot, hot, hot right now! This is fantastic news for my pale, milk bottle legs but not so much for running improvement. Over the winter I discussed: The Dos and Don’t of running in the dark Tips for running in winter […] Read more…

man running into distance on beach, footprints in the sand should you exercise on holiday 1

Should you exercise on holiday?

Everyone deserves a break (I’ve just come back from 3 weeks hiatus/holiday!!), and during this time I definitely minimised my training/exercise regime while on vacation (I have definitely put on more than a few Lbs. but I am going to address that in a different post :p) but I didn’t get rid of working out […] Read more…

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