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A netball warm-up routine is SOOOOO important (notice the capitals) because an injury can cause major issues for the team. So here’s how to make sure everyone gets a good warm-up!

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To Start Your Netball Warm-Up Routine

Get warm by starting a relaxed jog around the court. This is a great way to loosen up the muscles and get everyone a bit more supple. Also for people with achy muscles, it’s a great way to ease into it which means less moaning when you get the real training going!

  • Do 3 laps of the court (increasing speed slightly after each lap)


  • Slow jogging up and back to the lines(a more relaxed version of suicides – to the lines and back)

Next – Stretching Circle

This is really useful to get a quick update with everyone too or talk about club news/fixtures etc.

As it sounds, you all face each other in the shape of a circle whilst stretching out. Coaches should also ask about any injuries to be aware of at this point – injuries should be catered for as some stretches/exercises are not suitable. This is my favourite part of warm-up (probably because I get to chat a lot :p)

Static Stretching – (Staying still whilst stretching)
*Starting from the bottom*

Roll out the ankles – one way then the other

Hamstrings – sitting chair

*Note: If you can’t touch your toes then rest your hands on your knee, as long as you feel the stretch*

Calf stretch

Vary this by taking a wider stance, keeping your heel to the floor and being free standing to then combine with the shoulder stretch.

Shoulder Stretch

*Note: Try not to bend the elbow or pull too far across your body, stand firm and tall*

Quad Stretch

*Notes: keep your bum tucked under your spine in this with a straight back to avoid injury. Doing this freestanding works more of your core muscles, if you are struggling with balance then focus on an un-moving spot*

quad stretch example

Tricep Stretch

*Note: For a deeper stretch wrap your other arm around and under to meet your hands on your back*

Lastly Roll out your wrists side to side and shake it all about (not quite the oaky cokey but still)

Move on To Dynamic Stretching – (Stretching with movement)

Arm Circles rotating arms in a controlled movement clockwise and then anti-clockwise

Variation: “The windmill” – moving both arms at the same time in opposite directions (this can be difficult for the un-coordinated so have patience)

Walking Lunges – Walking a couple of steps and then stepping forward and bending at the knee (making sure the knee doesn’t extend past the toes). Attempting to go down and make a 90-degree angle (or if that’s not possible as low as you can go whilst keeping good form)

Knee High Walks

Walking the width of the court, lift your knees one at a time to your chest. Take it slowly.

Variation: Pick up speed and transition into knee high jogging

Hip Rotations

Walking, lift your knee in front of you to form a right angle, then turn it sideways, out and back down. Repeat

Now Move Onto Some Drills


Netball Defence Drills


Basic Netball Training Games For Beginner Netballers

Christmas Tree Netball Warm-Up

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