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Foam rolling is no longer just for the elite athlete. Find out how you can use it, when you should (and shouldn't use it) how it helps and where to get one! 

Foam Rolling For Beginner Runners

  Foam rolling is not just for the elite athlete anymore it is for you and me! and I have found it very beneficial, especially as a runner when I am in training for an event and doing more mileage. If you’re a beginner runner or have only just started, you should know that waking […] Read more…

asics nimbus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 Review

The Asics Gel Nimbus 15 were my first ever running shoes Although they are now discontinued I thought I would give them the respect they deserve, considering they managed to haul me around for 6 months! They were great shoes and reasonably priced to boot! *This is not a paid for review*  Name: Asics Gel […] Read more…

running disclaimer

Running Disclaimer

I wanted to add a disclaimer to my running category because I am not an expert! I have learned a lot about myself and about running (and continue to learn). BUT (and it’s a biggie) I am constantly trying new things and adapting them which means that it might not be right for YOU – LISTEN […] Read more…

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