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I wanted to add a disclaimer to my running category because I am not an expert! I have learned a lot about myself and about running (and continue to learn).

BUT (and it’s a biggie)

I am constantly trying new things and adapting them which means that it might not be right for YOU – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY there’s a fine line between pushing to make progress and pushing for injury ( and anyone who has tried hard at running has crossed that line accidentally at least once ( I know I have – twice)

What I will promise is… to be completely honest about what has worked and hasn’t (products, reviews, methods etc) THEN you can decide if it’s what’s best for YOU (after all who knows you better than you, am I right?)

Running is a great way to get fit. It has helped me find an escape to collect my thoughts and enjoy being with myself and pushing myself to do things I never thought I could/would do. This attitude then seeped into other aspects of my life and I would recommend it to anyone.

If you want to get started with running, why not visit the Beginner Runner Series, OR if you are after something a little more “weightloss-y” which not check out my tips and tricks to kickstart your weightloss:

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*Note: You should always check with a healthcare professional before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle or if you have underlying health issues. *

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