This covers everything that I have worked on – from arts and crafts to fun things I have done. Projects pretty much covers everything I have made! – that must mean a lot of useful stuff huh?

7 netball inspired nail art ideas If you are looking to get your netball fix in other ways here are some awesome netball nail art ideas inspired by the sport and perfect for short nails.

7 Netball Nail Art Ideas

Since I am off the Netball at the moment I have to look for new ways to get my fix and these netball nail art inspirations are just the way to do it!  I am spending far too much time trying to come up with new designs, I even did a Tiffany Inspired Nail Art […] Read more…

Easy Scrapbook Background Ideas

Easy Scrapbook Background Ideas

Yes I have a scrapbook – I have a terrible memory, and also I love an excuse to collect lots of things that remind me of places or events that I have been. I do have a problem though – I am not very crafty, at least I don’t have any natural talent, I get […] Read more…

Toy Car Paint Jobs

Sometimes as a mummy we must learn new skills (very quickly) and this week I had the pleasure of learning how to detail cars!  Toy cars that is! – at 3 (almost 4) Spencer is a petrol head and loves cars (just like his father) but being a toddler he prefers the crashing as opposed […] Read more…

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