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make your own letters from santaSanta letters were one of my favorite things to do when my brother was little. Creating “old style” Santa letters from Father Christmas on Christmas day there would include a note to him saying thank you for his mince pies and reindeer carrots that we left out!

I love to be a big kid on Christmas and for me keeping the magic alive is in the little things. Now my brother is too old I am going to start doing it for my son! So I decided to post one of the years creations. They are incredibly easy to make and it is one of the special touches that makes Christmas magical for the kids! (and for me) The Santa letters don’t even have to be that long either, just a few quick words is enough to get a little twinkle in their eyes! Then they will be on to the presents in seconds flat!

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Glitter Pens
  • Teabag(s)
  • A lighter (or flame of some sort) – or pinking shears if you have them

What to do

  1. First soak the teabag in a mug of warmish water for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Wipe the teabag across the paper (the darker you want it, the more teabags you should use) until you get the desired background colour.
  3. Allow it to dry
  4. Carefully burn the edges of the paper (if you prefer you can just rip them) – in my example I used my new pinking shears! (because they are amazing)
  5. Now write your message from Father Christmas. – you can do this in glitter pens or gel pens or a sharpie which I used in my example below!
  6. Lay your paper out in front of you and scrunch it up into a ball, then flatten it back out again to give it the, pulled out of the pocket look.

*Alternatively you can also use the teabag method on an envelope and place it in there*

What to say:

I prefer to do something along the lines of:

Dear (child’s name),
Thank you for leaving me a mince pie and carrot for my reindeer they were delicious. You have been such a good boy/girl this year I have left you presents in your stocking and under the tree, you’ll know which ones are yours as they are wrapped in (insert paper type) paper.
Have a Merry Christmas
Ho Ho Ho
Father Christmas
You can really add anything into the letter, if your child has written to Santa then it’s quite nice to add:
“The Elves and I received your letter and we thought long and hard about what to bring you.”
It is also a great way to explain things they didn’t get and why. For example my son asked for snow this year! so it may read something like:
“I couldn’t spare any snow for you this year as the north pole needed it, perhaps next year if I have some leftover I can send you some”

Be Creative & Imaginative with it

I made a really quick draft to show you what I mean, I will use Christmas stickers to decorate and glittery pens (sometimes) when I do the real thing :):
Quick, rough idea of what to do :) - I only had 5 minutes to get it done :p excuses excuses - santa letters
Rough idea of how it should look 🙂 – I only had 5 minutes to get it done :p excuses excuses

FREE PRINTABLE Boy/Girl Letters 

If you are pressed for time or aren’t feeling crafty, I have made these Boy & Girl Printables – Just fill out their names and go! (after all Santa is busy at the North Pole!)

Have you ever made a letter from Father Christmas? let me know in the comments!

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  1. What Santa isn’t real? What a fab idea to make them look real, even my 11 year old is still a believer, she is asking questions, but still believes. Such a great time of year. Thank you for sharing these with #mg and my readers xx

  2. These are great! I am going to do my own Santa Letters over the weekend for the girls – I cant wait! So exciting for them isn’t it

    Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  3. This is such a gorgeous idea. My girls are too big now but they used to love letter from Santa. I will pass this on to some of my neighbour’s who have little ones, thank you for sharing xx

  4. You are so creative, your brother got really lucky in the big sister department, I bet this was as fun for you as him! This is the best time of year to have kids, the wonder in their eyes makes it all more magical for everyone!! xx

  5. This is a great idea, and funnily enough I was just thinking yesterday that I might do my toddler a letter from Santa, so will definitely be using these tips. & thanks for the printables! #WAYWOW

  6. You made it look old and aged. Very clever like maybe Santa got it the child after much hardship… This is just adorable. How old is your little one? I think I’m the only one in my house who still believes in Santa.

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