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Who needs Halloween costume inspiration for the kids this year?

As someone who never made much of a fuss with Halloween, I am definitely starting to get into it a lot more now and want to look for fun and cute ways to embarrass dress up the little people. So if you are looking for a new Halloween costume or just want to look at all the cuties (and better parents than you!) then take a look at this list!

1. Baby Sushi Roll

We are big foodies, so any opportunity to show it off then we are in! There are loads of different options too since sushi is so diverse, here’s a cool homemade option that is pretty easy to make!

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: oddharmonic via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

2. Newborn Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy was a fantastic film and Hella Mommy definitely agrees with this gorgeous newborn outfit. So why not embody one of the cutest characters and dress your kid up as the newborn groot because don’t pretend you didn’t stay for the dancing sequence!

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit for this cuteness goes to: Hella mommy

3. Lobster

How cute is this guy!! What a fantastic idea that you can incorporate from old red clothes! Now your kids can be the third lobster in the nativity! (Love actually reference anyone?)

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit & New-sew tutorial at:


4. Amelia Earhart

If you are looking for something more inspirational then why not opt for the first female aviator to fly across the atlantic! This iconic look is so sweet and definitely a conversation starter!

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit and Cuteness is entirely: Heat Oven to 350

5. Sheep

This traditional option is so much fun and relatively easy to make! There are so many variations but I love this option by Wandering Mist

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit and Tutorial for this outfit is at: Wandering Mist

6. Superkids

Because we should be encouraging kids that they can be superheroes, no matter what their age!

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Photo credit: NickNguyen via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

7. Baby Bat

This is a gorgeous twist on a spooky theme and I love what they have done with these outfits over at Tell Love and Tea Party! It’s great for babies too because they are always lifting their arms which is made 1000 times cuter with bat wings!!

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit, Cuteness and Tutorial at: Tell Love and Party

8. Mad Hatter

Alice in wonderland has had a reboot in recent years with Johnny Depp playing the hatter incredibly well. Recreate this iconic character with a unique costume like this one!

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit (and other costume inspiration goes to: Costume Works

9.Precious Little Pumpkin

Where would Halloween be without a pumpkin?? I mean it has to happen at some point in the kid’s life otherwise, you aren’t parenting properly, am I right?

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

10. Wizard of Oz’s Lion 

You can’t go wrong with the Wizard of Oz, whether it’s Dorothy, Tinman, Toto, Fairies, Muchkins or the cowardly lion himself!

13 cute kids Halloween costumes
Photo credit: joel_barr via VisualHunt / CC BY

11. 1980s Aerobics Instructor

If you are looking for something quick and easy, throw on some tights, a babygrow over the top and get some legwarmers and you are already there with the 80’s – Make the colors bold and vibrant and you can’t go wrong! I love this homemade felt boombox by homemade by Jill that she used to mix it up and add a little something extra to the costume.

 13 Cute Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
Credit and to Check out the full outfit here: Homemade by Jill

12. Baby Pineapple

This cute and original Halloween Costume is hand made and not as hard as you might think! I love the end result and perfect for kids still in baby grows!

13 of the best kids Halloween Costumes
Credit and Tutorial over at : Lines Across

13. Three Little Pigs 

For when you have many kids you need to get costumes for this is a great group costume, you could expand to include the wolf and little red riding hood or reduce the amount of piggies, either way it’s total cuteness.

13 of the best kids Halloween Costumes
Credit and Tutorial at: Say Yes

Which one of these is your favorite? Which Halloween costume are you choosing this year?

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  1. Oh My, How am I supposed to pick any one as they all look super adorable !! The kiddie seems to be enjoying all of them and I especially love the baby bat 🙂

  2. All of these costumes are seriously so adorable!! I can totally see my niece wearing any one of them–sharing with my SIL! Thanks!

  3. I can’t wait until next year when we’ll have a little boy to dress up for Halloween! These are all so cute that I can’t even pick a favorite!

  4. These costumes are so cute! The lobster is my favorite! I remember when my kids were little and could dress them up in fun costumes.

  5. I lost it at the baby bat. I have never seen anything cuter in my ENTIRE LIFE OH MY GOSH. I don’t have kids but I am so pinning that for later because my heart just exploded.

  6. Oh my goodness these are so super cute, but really could a baby not because dressed up as anything??!!

  7. OMG these are adorable! Although I don’t have children, I can tell I would totally have a blast dressing them up (for Halloween and on a regular basis, lol). My favorites are the sushi and the sheep costumes!

  8. Love these cute costumes, especially the pineapple!! I don’t have any little babies any more but I will have to pass this on to my friends that recently had babies.

  9. Oh my goodness, how cute are they. There’s nothing cuter than a little one dressed up in a costume. I think my favorite though has to be the Mad Hatter. Those chubby little cheeks got me!

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