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For some spooky fun over the holidays, here are some easy Halloween crafts for kids that shall keep you all amused and getting creative. 

Half term is here and I love having something to do with my little guy to keep us entertained! Halloween crafts are definitely the way forward!

Obviously, since Autumn has started we have been looking at the crunchy leaves (my house is currently full of them) and the different color changes and the types of nuts that are falling on the ground (hello conkers) and they have been learning about seasons and Autumn at school too so it helps to back this up at home. However, since it is almost Halloween I wanted to find some cool Halloween crafts for us to start because who doesn’t love getting a bit spooky and I want to teach my guy all about the other seasons too!

Since my little chap wasn’t that interested in Halloween last year I didn’t come up with anything exciting, and obviously sods law now dictates he wants an endless supply of Halloween crafts this time around (typical!). So, because I am horrendously unprepared as usual, I thought I would call on some of my trusty blogger friends to keep me well stocked until I can make my own next year and they definitely did NOT disappoint!

Here are some of my favorites that we are going to (or have already) given a go that I think you and your kids will love too, Plus some of this would act as great decorations for a spooky Halloween party.

  1. Stuffed Paper Bag Witch Craft from
  2. Crepe Paper Pumpkin Craft Surprise from
  3. Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Craft from
  4. Wooden Frankenstein from
  5. Monster Buttons from
  6. Hats For Halloween from
  7. DIY Maleficent Staff from
  8. Spooky Spider Soap Halloween Craft from
  9. DIY Halloween Playdough from
  10. Halloween Vampire Suckers from
  11. No Glue Conker Spiders from
  12. Spider Web Halloween Craft For Kids from
  13. Monster Bookmark Craft from
  14. DIY Halloween Egg Carton Bats And Leaf Ghosts from
  15. Toilet Roll Bat Buddies from
  16. Adorable Felt Halloween Finger Puppets from
  17. Cute Clothespin Button Bat Craft from
  18. DIY Monster Slime from
  19. Glitter Foam Monsters from
  20. Mini Monster Pumpkins from

I hope you love these just as much as I do! Which one is your favorite??

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For some spooky fun over the holidays, here are some easy Halloween crafts for kids that shall keep you all amused and getting creative.

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  1. These are so cute and even I could make them. We are quite into Halloween in Australia as much as the UK or US but it is starting to take off.

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