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#CatWeek 2016 - Day 1 - Tick Truths - Feature Image

Tick Truths

During #CatWeek 2015 we discussed all about the flea! In keeping with last year’s layout I figured we would stick to the parasites and discuss it’s distant cousin, the tick. Fleas aren’t the only problem that can plague cats and unfortunately we have had to remove a tick or two in our time! Here are […] Read more…

stone egyptian figure

Popular games played by Ancient-Egyptian children

*Sponsored Post* For this post, let’s take advantage of the “Mummy” in The Mummy Toolbox and go back in time to actual buried mummies, let’s talk about Ancient Egypt culture for a bit, particularly the toys and games that their children had the luxury of playing with. Ancient Egypt was one of the most civilized regions in […] Read more…

woman under a natural wooden hose fountain with grass background washing forearms

How To Detox Skin Naturally Without Products

Detox skin naturally without spending fortunes on the latest products, fads or crazes! Skin Breakouts and spots are something that we all have to deal with at one time or another and although there are loads of products out there that can help, there are some ways that you can naturally reduce the likelihood of […] Read more…

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