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Are Essential Oils Harming Cats?

Are essential oils harming cats? Facebook. It’s an excellent place for all the gossip, but also to find advice and spread news. I recently saw this post and was shocked, not only by the poor suffering kitty but how little we knew about the harmful effects of essential oils. I am a cat lover, I […] Read more…

pink and red fireworks all over a black background with gold specks

12 Ways To Protect Cats During Firework Season

Firework season is in full swing and the felines hate it! I always used to think that fireworks were reserved for bonfire night and the week’s surrounding it but I’ve realised this is not the case. With better access to fireworks, we have found that they went off during Halloween, through to bonfire night and they […] Read more…

grey long haired cat sitting on lap being stroked, with jeans on for holiday cat sitting

How To Choose The Perfect Holiday Cat Sitter

Avoid worrying by picking the right holiday cat sitter  It’s the time of year where you might be considering a winter break, trip or visiting others for the holidays so it is important that your furry friends are well looked after. I know that I consider my cats a part of the family so finding the […] Read more…

What You Should look for in pet insurance

What You Should Look For In Pet Insurance

I cannot stress the importance of pet insurance for your cats! Fact, vets are expensive, it’s just the way it is and that’s why pet insurance is key to preventing massive costs (think thousands) further down the line. Your cat could spend their entire lives not needing the vets for anything except check-ups, however, they […] Read more…

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