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For this post, let’s take advantage of the “Mummy” in The Mummy Toolbox and go back in time to actual buried mummies, let’s talk about Ancient Egypt culture for a bit, particularly the toys and games that their children had the luxury of playing with.

Popular games of Ancient-Egyptian Children

Ancient Egypt was one of the most civilized regions in the world that invented a lot of things influencing what we still use today. In fact, Ancient Egypt invented the first oven according to Ancient Foods. It also had a working set of mathematical techniques, which allowed them to construct their awe-inspiring pyramids and as for games that they helped teach their children with – they had plenty.


For starters, some of the African and West Asian games originally came from Ancient Egypt. There’s a checkers game called Senet, which was played by Egyptian kids with small stones like jacks. Those who couldn’t afford small polished stones used knucklebones, which are the anklebones of sheep.

Watch this video to see how senet is played

Action figures

Ancient Egyptian kids also liked playing with action figures. Ancient Egypt Online says that they had rattles and little animals shaped from clay and this was the common toy among kids whose parents couldn’t afford wooden figures.

Of course, their action figures before didn’t have the same detail of the toys of today. The detail was, however, enough to tell what they represented. For example, the image below is obviously a horse but with a wheel as its legs so that kids can easily maneuver it and the second picture shows a diorama of a cow giving birth.

popular games played by Ancient-Egyptian Children Popular games for Ancient-Egyptian Children


They loved the outdoors!

Egyptian children loved to wrestle, box, and dance inside circles, there weren’t any electronic gadgets back then so kids were really healthy and active during this time.

There are plenty of outdoor activities that originated from Egypt. According to Tour Egypt, many of today’s rules for sports were actually regulated by the Ancient Egyptians. These activities include hockey, handball, javelin, and Tug of Hoop, which is similar to Tug of War with the only difference that a hoop is pulled using a staff.

Ancient Egypt was a truly fascinating time, which is why it is still being remembered through stories, architecture, and various games. There are myriads of Egyptian-inspired games out there, ranging from puzzle games for kids to slot machine titles aimed at adults.

The popular Hello Kids site has neat Cleopatra-themed puzzles that kids can enjoy, ranging from easy to very hard ones and Ancient Egyptian themes are running through adult games today from slot machines to apps.

No matter how long ago the Ancient Egyptians rule the world, it would seem their influence has transcended generations and is still very much prevalent in the present day.

If you want to learn more about its culture and teach your kids about it, why not introduce certain concepts to your playtime with them? There are plenty of things that you can do at the Mr Donn site that is reminiscent of days gone by.


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