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Detox skin naturally without spending fortunes on the latest products, fads or crazes!

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Skin Breakouts and spots are something that we all have to deal with at one time or another and although there are loads of products out there that can help, there are some ways that you can naturally reduce the likelihood of spots and skincare issues to help detox skin naturally. The lifestyle you live has a huge impact on your skin and therefore making these adjustments can leave you with clearer skin and feeling a lot healthier.

What you eat

Poor eating habits can have health impacts in general so it’s always a good idea to eat healthily anyway but eating more fresh fruit and vegetables (I know I know) will help to balance things out and leaves you feeling fuller for longer which reduces the amount of processed food you eat!

Water/ Fruit – Water and fruit act as a detox and can help flush toxins from your system which contribute to skin troubles. Additionally, it keeps your liver and kidneys clean and healthy which is helpful as a build-up of toxins in these organs can lead to spots!

fruit cocktail drink with real fruit on top and a straw

Less Saturated fat – This is something that is good for overall health! eating a lot of saturated fat is unhealthy, and negatively impacts your body which leads to a build-up of toxins and impurities which lead to breakouts and spots (which are the least of your problems if you eat too much!)

*check food labels because some foods that you think are healthy could have hidden saturated fat (e.g. in salad dressings)

Substitute Chocolate – chocolate and sweets can cause (or worsen) acne and spots (plus they aren’t good for you!) but if you want to indulge, why not switch it out for dark or healthy chocolate instead? it’s good for heart health too (see… you can have excuses to eat it too!)

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Where you live

Yup, where you live can cause spots! living in heavily populated urban areas has increased pollution which can be damaging to your skin. Plus there is more daily dirt and grime (you don’t see it, but it’s there) that gets into your pores. Since you probably can’t afford to just up and move due to this, there are a few things you can do:

Daily wash routine – cleaning your face thoroughly when you get home every day ensures that the extra daily dirt doesn’t stay on your face, clog up your pores and lead to spots!

Get some fresh air – change up your routine and find areas with fewer cars to eat your lunch or take a walk around. Even in the city, there are some green areas, spend as much time there as you can and avoid too much traffic and population! your pores will thank you for it.

aerial view of city at night

What you do

Not enough Exercise – raising your heart rate and getting some exercise (even if it is only walking) clears toxins out of your system faster and this reduces spots, leaving you with clear skin!

*Make sure you wash your face properly after exercise because the toxins you release in your sweat will block up your pores if they are left unchecked! Check out my 3 budget skincare gym essentials for after a workout to help keep your skin in top form and detox skin naturally.

Smoking – Yes, here’s just another reason in the long list why you shouldn’t smoke – I won’t go into it, you’ve heard it all before! but yes smoking could be causing your spots too! for more info on smoking, check out my very motivational post “You are NOT giving up smoking

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*Always check with a healthcare professional if you need advice or before you change your routine.