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cat neutering

Neutering Advocacy

As someone who works for a re-homing charity, I have seen first hand what happens to cats that are not looked after or cared for.  I also know the strain, financially and socially that can happen to cats (and families) that have kittens as well as the abandonment that goes on when they can’t find […] Read more…

What's with all the scratching? Answering the kitty questions about; scratching, behaviour, types of posts and getting them off the furniture! Plus some homemade projects that are a frugal alternative to stop you having to buy some!

The Truth About Cat Scratching

Let’s discuss some cat behaviour, more specifically cat scratching! Scratching is natural for cats, but it can cause a problem for your £1000 (or more) sofa. Here is everything you need to know about why cats scratch, different types of scratchers,  how to accommodate this and making your own posts for a frugal alternative. Cats […] Read more…

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