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Summer Fruit Cupcakes made with frozen fruit, easy peasy and a little bit healthier too!

Summer Fruit Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes! This fruity twist is a family favourite and you don’t need icing to make them tasty. This recipe uses the creaming method because summer fruits (and raspberries, blueberry’s etc) tend to stain the mixture so if you fold in gently you get a nice marble swirl as well = Pretty! I […] Read more…

Courgette, Bacon & Mushroom Spaghetti

This Recipe is a Family Favourite This really simple and easy recipe uses grated courgettes and chopped mushrooms to sneak some vegetables into a very tasty dish! – They won’t even notice. It is also a fun one to get the family and kids cooking together (chopping, grating and cutting is involved!) This recipe will make […] Read more…

Langues de Chat Recipe

This is Classic French Recipe for all the family to enjoy – Careful they are moreish (you have been warned). Langues de chat or cat tongues are a type of French cookie. They aren’t much to look at but are a great on the go or lunchbox sweet that are crispy on the outside and […] Read more…

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