chocolate cherry protein smoothie

Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

I am pleased to report that I have inspired my husband to experiment with smoothies so here’s his chocolate cherry protein smoothie creation!! As I have been freezing more and more fruit (which I discuss in my “Fun ways to use Frozen Fruit post” last week) it means he’s been eating healthier too! bonus! What husband […] Read more…

Banana & Honey Smoothie - Frozen fruit uses, recipe's and tips

1…2…3…Banana & Honey Smoothie

Combining two of the husband’s favourite flavours, this banana and honey smoothie is easy, delicious and was a complete accident! The husband is REALLY into smoothies at the moment and this was something he happened across while trying to find a new flavour. He had a sore throat and was making a banana smoothie and thought […] Read more…

U.K to US cooking conversions

FREE PRINTABLE – U.K to US Cooking Conversions

Cooking Conversions can be a nightmare if (like me) you find a lot of your recipes across the continents! Before I adapt recipes I need to know the original ingredient ratios and quantities. Not everyone uses the same measurement systems so I have to convert them. Here are the rough conversions to make multi-cultural cooking […] Read more…