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How To Teach Your Kids to Be Environmentally Conscious

Since moving we have had to become more environmentally conscious We have less rubbish bins (we moved from a communal flat bin shed) to our own teeny tiny bin so we have been taking recycling more seriously! That being said, I have to admit up until now it wasn’t something we were particularly good at […] Read more…


Why I Won’t Make My Kids Share Everything

Yes, sharing is important and you can bet I will be instilling it in my kids. However, I don’t believe that everything has to be shared. I have things that are very precious to me that I don’t let anyone else have or use or wear and the same goes for certain books I own […] Read more…

We still feel like we are in the depth of winter here, so we are sharing our favorite winter themed coloring pages for kids that can amuse you all, indoors!

Free Winter Coloring Pages For Kids

We love a bit of coloring and since I got an adult coloring book (don’t judge me, they are therapeutic) I wanted to encourage the kiddos to color with me (purely selfish really) With the snow, rain and freezing temperatures we have been having recently it definitely feels like the depths of winter here still […] Read more…

parenting is hard but here are some examples of positive parenting styles to combat the keyboard warriors and negativity that is raging at the moment.

8 Examples Of Positive Parenting Styles Online

Parenting is HARD and it is something everyone loves to discuss but I like the idea of positive parenting.  I’ve seen Twitter wars over what’s wrong or right for your kids and keyboard warrior mum and dads telling people that their way is best and getting very defensive, (and opinionated) when telling you why. While I […] Read more…

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