This covers everything that I have worked on – from arts and crafts to fun things I have done. Projects pretty much covers everything I have made! – that must mean a lot of useful stuff huh?

Hand Sewing Tips and Info

Even though I have some sewing experience (years of hubby’s socks, cycling jerseys, trousers and shirts can attest to that) I still consider myself a beginner in the art of the sewing. I don’t own a sewing machine and I swear my eyes are a bit wonky when it comes to straight lines so I […] Read more…

Scrubs – The Basics

I don’t Want no scrubs…Oh wait So Pinterest, (love it) is full of amazing scrub recipes (which I have tried a lot of why not see my Winter Snow Body Scrub or Sweet Orange Body Scrub with free printable labels!) But here is where I wanted to talk about scrub basics: Realistically the more organic […] Read more…

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