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This is a step-by-step guide to making a wine bottle gift pouch but can easily be adapted to make smaller gift pouches for jewelry and other smaller items.

It is a beginner/easy hand sewing project (you can use a sewing machine if you want too) so if you need beginner tips and advice on hand sewing you should read my aptly named post “Hand sewing tips

This is a great personal touch to any bottled or other gift that can easily be personalised to make it that little bit more special! You can variate with different materials and funky patterns – this is a plain version to make the tutorial easier – (I made a turtleneck for a bottle so I’m happy :p)


What you’ll need:

  • A Safety Pin
  • Needle and thread
  • A Bottle
  • A ruler (or anything to measure with)
  • Material
  • Scissors

Part 1 – Measuring

Measure the height of the bottle (then double it and add 5cm) – In this case 27*2 + 5 ( I rounded up to 60cm)

Measuring the bottle
Measuring the bottle

Measure the width of the bottle (then add 3cm for the hemming) – In This case it was 12cm
Lay out the desired material – I chose an old jumper as it is easy to manipulate when hemming but you can use anything (and this particular one wasn’t a gift)
Measure, draw out measurements

My Measurements

My Measurements





Cut it out
Material Cut out
Fold it in half and pin together (inside out – i.e with any patterns on the inside) – I find bobby pins to be the most useful without ruining the material
Folded and pinned
Measure out your drawstring – I used ribbon in this case ( you don’t need an exact length – just the width.
From the top of the opening fold the material over your drawstring and mark how far down it comes (this will be where you sew up too)

Drawstring mark

Part 2 – The sewing begins…
Using a running or backstitch (whichever you are most comfortable with – I used a running stitch) stitch together the two pieces of folded fabric (up to the line you have drawn).
sides whole stitch
Do this on both sides
Stitching example
You may find you have extra material where things are a bit wonky ( I always do) now you can cut it off
cut off
*Note: The next step is optional because it depends on the material – mine tends to fray easily*

Beginning to Fray already
Beginning to Fray already

*Optional* Hem the folds (make sure you don’t go through both pieces of fabric as you are just hemming one side at a time. Also be wary as this hem will show on the other side

Making sure not to sew together
Making sure not to sew together

*Optional* Do this on both sides

Fold over the top piece of material to create a tunnel for the drawerstring and sow along the joint
roll oversowing the drawstring hem

Do this to both

Doing both
Use a safety pin to thread the drawerstring through the tunnel

Safety pin string



Turn the right way out and pop in the bottle, pull your drawerstring and tie..
Finished bottle

You can variate with different materials and funky patterns – this is a plain version to make the tutorial easier – plus I made a turtleneck for a bottle so I’m happy :p

You can adjust the measurements for this and make little gift pouches too

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