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The Mummy Toolbox #CatWeek2017

We’re back for #CatWeek2017 and it is one of my favourite annual series that I run each year! As a regular reader you will know that this means for the entire week I will be filling your newsfeed and inboxes with cat related posts and this year I have a lot packed it (I couldn’t stop […] Read more…

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The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases (+ Infographic)

In lieu of Cat Week next week we are looking at cat diseases for the furry friends as well as some essential advice to deal with it If you are lucky enough to have a fur baby, you are well aware of the pure joy they will add to your life. Cats are some of […] Read more…

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8 Ways Animals Are Part of the Family

We are animal lovers (in case you haven’t guessed) and for us, we consider our cats as part of the family  Volunteering for an animal charity has highlighted to me how little some people care for their animals and when they give their pets up so easily I honestly don’t understand it! That is one […] Read more…

Find out the pros and cons or dry and wet cat food and determine which is better!

Wet vs Dry Cat Food: Which is Best?

Ahh, the great debate – what kind of food do you feed your cat? how much SHOULD they be eating and which cat food is best? Everyone has an opinion on the matter but the honest answer is that the vets and experts don’t really know. Not enough studies have been done to confirm one […] Read more…

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The Mummy Toolbox #Catweek 2016

After the resounding success of The Mummy Toolbox #Catweek 2015, I have decided to make it a yearly occurrence! This means that there is another fun, packed cat related week full of tips, tricks, advice and CUTENESS. Just like last year, this is the home base of everything #Catweek 2016 and each post will be up […] Read more…

cat neutering

Neutering Advocacy

As someone who works for a re-homing charity, I have seen first hand what happens to cats that are not looked after or cared for.  I also know the strain, financially and socially that can happen to cats (and families) that have kittens as well as the abandonment that goes on when they can’t find […] Read more…

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