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We are animal lovers (in case you haven’t guessed) and for us, we consider our cats as part of the family 

Volunteering for an animal charity has highlighted to me how little some people care for their animals and when they give their pets up so easily I honestly don’t understand it! That is one of the hardest parts is not being able to give a home to all the animals that need them! That being said we try to be the best animal parents we can and while you may think it’s a bit weird but we know we aren’t the only ones who feel this way, but in case you aren’t convinced, here are 8 ways animals are part of the family.

*Warning: Crazy cat lady post!*

We feed them

Sometimes it’s even better than we feed ourselves with cooked chicken, tuna or treats (and that’s how they ended up as fat cats at one point – here’s some cat weight loss tips here). Feeding is part of a daily routine and you always make sure they have what they need, if you go on holiday you make sure they are fed while you are away.

We worry about them

Just as much as the kids. We make sure they aren’t hungry, cold or sick and if they have stayed out a bit too long we start to panic in case they might have gotten lost (and if they do we panic even more!) Just because they are cats doesn’t make me worry any less.

cat silouette - 8 ways animals are part of the family

We teach them right from wrong

Just like with the kids, they get told off when they are bad and rewarded when they are good. We raise them to come back when they are called, to avoid scratching or destroying the furniture and to socialize well with others which are all lessons that we teach our kids too (yep we had a toddler scratching issue at one point, although it wasn’t the furniture he was targeting it was faces!)

We clean up after them

Any mother (or father) spends a large portion of the day cleaning up after the kids and this is the same with the pets. If it isn’t toys, food or blankets it’s changing the litter trays or picking up mess outside or on a walk! Either way we make sure their environment and they are clean.

cute dog - 8 ways animals are part of the family

We treat them 

Just like with kids, you want to buy them things to make them happy! Although most of the time cats (like kids) are happy with the box you buy them the toys anyway just to spoil them!

We give them attention

Unlike children, animals can’t speak and therefore they require you to pay attention to their signals and behaviour so that you can determine what they want. As animal owners you spend a lot of time getting to know your pet so that you know what they want straight away. You also spend plenty of time giving them love, attention and cuddles because why not they’re fluffy and cute!

cute kitty - 8 ways animals are part of the family

We compromise

Before becoming parents you think about the type of parent you want to be and all the rules you naively set in your head and all the things you are going to do. All parents will know that this goes out of the window as soon as they are born and you try to cling on for dear life! In exactly the same way you compromise on the original rules, at one point the cats weren’t allowed in our bedroom, then they weren’t allowed to sleep on the bed and at the moment that rule now stands at “no sleeping on the pillows while we are sleeping on them” it’s definitely been a series of compromises.

We love them

And they love us back! Many people think it is just dogs that can provide unconditional love but cats are the same – they just have more of an attitude about it. Animals are part of the family and they show their love in different ways, but so do you every time you care for them and love them and bring them into your home.

woman hugging cat - 8 ways animals are part of the family

So there you have it, proof that animals are part of the family and hopefully, more people will consider them as such! Do you have a furry family member? Let me know in the comments!

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30 comments on “8 Ways Animals Are Part of the Family”

  1. I have a Yorkie named Lilu and she is definitely a part of my family! I love her so much it hurts! She acts like a real person and understands everything without me even talking to her!

    Saying so I totally understand the point of this post and it’s so nicely written!

  2. Love this! We always had pets when I was growing up, and I can’t wait to get a pet of my own! They’re most definitely part of the family!

  3. We don’t have any pets right now, but it is something we are looking to change soon! My kids really want a dog (and so do I!), and I want to get chickens again in the spring – technically not a pet, but we do tend to baby them.

  4. Such a great post I have a cat and I treat him like my own baby I spoil him, When I clean him I know he’s was happy when I’m around.

  5. I am very attached to my cats. I just had to point one of them down as she had been very ill and could no longer eat. I was devastated and feel a great loss.

  6. Pets can seriously make your life so much better. My dog used to be able to tell when I was upset and comfort me.

  7. My four kitties are ABSOLUTELY part of our family! They sleep in our bed, they get spoiled with food and treats, and have a ton of toys. They have such wonderful personalities and fill our house with so much joy.

  8. Love this! Animals are definitely part of the family, and I hate when people don’t see so! Our golden retriver, Luke, was our only child before we had our son, Eli! He will always be part of the family! I was very sad that he is staying with my in-laws while we move to London for an ex-pat opportunity, but he was just too old for the flight, and it’s nice knowing that they treat him like a child too!

  9. I totally love this post! Animals are definitley part of the family, and like you I can’t wrap my head round how people can easily get rid of pets or even mistreat them. I have a cat who I love so much, he is definitely my fur baby!

  10. It’s so funny how our pets become part of our family. Every time we get a new pet we always announce “our family grew by one.” LOL Thanks for sharing.

  11. My animals have always been a part of my family. They are so important in the mix and should be treated and cared for just as kids.

  12. We have a dog and she has definitely become a part of our family. She is the kids best friend and looks out for all of us. I couldn’t imagine life without her 🙂

  13. Totally love and can relate to this post. I honestly feel like people should discuss this topic more often. I totally agree that we need to take good care of our pets like they are our kids.

  14. My cat Lizzie was definitely a part of our family and we miss her every single day. As she got older she started joining the family at the dinner table. She had her own seat and would sit on her hind legs and put her front paws on the table. Lizzie would be the first one at the table.

  15. This post really warmed my heart. I grew up with parents who are animal abusers and I am afraid of getting a pet now because I don’t know how to treat them differently. Volunteering at an animal shelter would get me around people who know how to treat animals better and I so need to do that.

  16. All 8 ways are definitely strong in my household! I love my dog and have no idea what I would do without her. I’m more than pretty sure she feels the same. 🙂 btw cute cat! 🙂

  17. We have 2 rescue dogs, 2 rescue horses, 1 rescue guinea pig plus one we purchased as a companion, chickens, and fish. They are all part of our family and add something.

  18. I couldn’t agree more! My pets are such a big part of our family, I couldn’t imagine my life without my fur babies! They are seriously, my world!

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