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We’re back for #CatWeek2017 and it is one of my favourite annual series that I run each year!

As a regular reader you will know that this means for the entire week I will be filling your newsfeed and inboxes with cat related posts and this year I have a lot packed it (I couldn’t stop myself). From cat care and behaviour to utter cuteness and advice, this Cat Week is hopefully going to be the best one yet. As with each year, this is the home page for the 2017 #CatWeek and that means you can see what’s coming up each day as well as click through to previous posts and resources. Click on the relevant image each day when the post goes live at 8am (GMT) for the next instalment.

If you can’t wait, check out the previous years:  #CatWeek2015 and #CatWeek2016 for an extra kitty fix!


day 1 #catweek2017 feature image Warning signs for cat stress and anxiety

Warning Signs For Cat Stress & Anxiety


day 2 #catweek2017 is my cat a normal sleeper?

Is My Cat A Normal Sleeper?


What To Expect#catweek2017 day 3 When Your Cat Is Expecting

What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting?


different noises your cat makes and what they mean

Different Noises Your Cat Makes And What They Mean


why does my cat lick me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?


What You Should look for in pet insurance

What You Should Look For In Pet Insurance


inside vs outside the big debate

Inside Vs Outside: The Big Debate

Bonus Post

adoption advocacy finding that forever home

Adoption Advocacy – Finding That Forever Home

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