Toddler reading can be a painful experience as they are learning but it is the foundation of learning so here are some ways to make it bearable and fun.

Encouraging Toddler Reading

We are bookworms in this house, we love reading and we are trying to encourage the 4-year-old to do some toddler reading of his own. Since starting school, one of their main focuses is to teach reading as it is a precursor to academic learning and they are using Phonics to do it and it […] Read more…

How to stage toddler negotiations - the best tips and tricks of dealing with toddlers

Staging Toddler Negotiations

I have decided that 4 is the best age… and the worst, because now it’s time to deal with toddler negotiations! If you have a toddler you already know what I am talking about! We can have actual conversations and discussions with our children (YAY – no more mind numbing baby speak). However, at some point […] Read more…

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