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What's with all the scratching? Answering the kitty questions about; scratching, behaviour, types of posts and getting them off the furniture! Plus some homemade projects that are a frugal alternative to stop you having to buy some!

The Truth About Cat Scratching

Let’s discuss some cat behaviour, more specifically cat scratching! Scratching is natural for cats, but it can cause a problem for your £1000 (or more) sofa. Here is everything you need to know about why cats scratch, different types of scratchers,  how to accommodate this and making your own posts for a frugal alternative. Cats […] Read more…

Ginger cat lying on floor - crazy cat facts

22 Crazy Cat Facts

Learn more about our feline friends with these awesome cat facts Did You Know? A cat can jump up to 5 times its own height (the wonderful thing about Tiggers comes to mind) Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds (dogs can make only 10) –see where I found this fact here. The heaviest domestic […] Read more…

Getting rid of the litter trays

How To Get Rid Of Your Litter Trays

I have 4 cats (Yes we’ve established it’s a lot and it’s not crazy if I acknowledge it) and as you can imagine they can create a lot of mess and with a toddler playing on the floor the last thing I want to be questioning is “Is that chocolate or not?” because then I’ve […] Read more…

Let me show you how real stretching is done

It’s Time To Meet The Mummy Toolbox Kitties

The four Mummy Toolbox kitties (yes four) have their own personalities and superpowers too! We love them all regardless of the wet paw prints on the kitchen sides and endless biscuits they nosh through! So here they are in all of their Toolbox kitty glory. Phoenix Name: Phoenix Nicknames: Fi-Fi, Wifey Age: 9 Years Old […] Read more…

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