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Learn more about our feline friends with these awesome cat facts

Did You Know?

  1. A cat can jump up to 5 times its own height (the wonderful thing about Tiggers comes to mind)
  2. Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds (dogs can make only 10) –see where I found this fact here.
  3. The heaviest domestic cat recorded was Himmy weighing in at a whopping 21.3kg(46.8lbs) – check out his Guinness world record here.
  4. A Group of Adult cats is called a clowder
  5. A Group of kittens is called a kindle
  6. A Male Cat is called a Tom
  7. A Female cat is called a Molly or a Queen (Queen Pheonix would approve)
  8. Whiskers are not actually like human hairs – they are touch receptors called vibrissae – read more about whiskers here.
  9. Normal Cats have 18 toes
  10. Guinness world records recognizes “Jake “ a Canadian polydactyl cat with 28 toes as the highest number of toes on a cat! – Check out Jakes record here.
  11. Black cats used to be associated with witches
  12. A cat can’t climb headfirst down a tree because cats’ claws point the same way therefore they must back down. (I learnt this cool one from here.)
  13. There are currently over 55 recognised cat breeds (and a few that haven’t been recognized yet!)
  14. A house cat can hit speeds of about 30mph/48km/h (That must be a tasty mouse ) – check out other animal speeds here.
  15. Cats Have 500 skeletal muscles (Humans only have 650)
  16. Most adult cats are Lactose- intolerant (milk will give them bad tummies and if they have too much bladder stones – ouch) – I swear it’s right here.
  17. The oldest cat was called Creme Puff who passed away at the ripe old age of 38 – other golden oldies are here.
  18. The world’s most expensive cat called Zeus (luckily not my Zeus) has an asking price of £100,000 because he is 90% Asian leopard Cat (ALC ) and only 10% Domestic shorthair – weird. And expensive.
  19. The Richest cat was called Blackie who was left an astonishing £7 million after his owner Ben Rea died (the cat could hire ME as HIS butler) – see here 
  20. The Largest litter of domestic cats is 19 (ouch) – see here.
  21. Cats have glands on the sides of their faces which means when they rub up against things with their face they are scent marking.
  22. Cats with more than 3 colours are female ( there are genetic mutations leading to male cats with the XXY chromosome meaning they are sterile but these are extremely rare and as a genetic mutation my fact still stands so there !)

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22 Weird, crazy and wonderful cat facts that you never knew that you needed to know! - great for pub trivia and learning more about our feline friends.


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  1. I never realized that a cat couldn’t climb down a tree, because my cats have always seemed to do that. Well, they might have ran down the tree, but I have never seen them back down it before. Yet, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to climb down it as their claws aren’t positioned in a way that would allow that. However, do you think that it is normal for a feline to run down the trunk?

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