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The Mummy Toolbox #Catweek 2016

After the resounding success of The Mummy Toolbox #Catweek 2015, I have decided to make it a yearly occurrence! This means that there is another fun, packed cat related week full of tips, tricks, advice and CUTENESS. Just like last year, this is the home base of everything #Catweek 2016 and each post will be up […] Read more…

Weight Loss Tips For Your Fat Cat

Calling all kitty CHUBSTERS! – this ones for you! If you have a fat cat in your life then pay attention! We love them, we hug them and we feed them, but what happens when you feed them a little too much?! It seems silly but overweight cats can have a host of health problems […] Read more…

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Neutering Advocacy

As someone who works for a re-homing charity, I have seen first hand what happens to cats that are not looked after or cared for.  I also know the strain, financially and socially that can happen to cats (and families) that have kittens as well as the abandonment that goes on when they can’t find […] Read more…

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