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Sweet Orange Body Scrub +FREE GIFT LABELS

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Orange is one of my favourite smells! it makes me feel like it’s the middle of summer

So when I managed to get a hold of some Sweet orange essential oil I headed straight for the sugar and coconut oil and got to mixing!

These homemade scrubs also make great gifts too! (be warned though you might not want to give them away once you’ve tried them)

If you’re having trouble getting to grips with homemade scrubs I wrote a post about all the things you need to know to get started, called “Scrubs – the basics


200g Granulated Sugar

80g Coconut Oil

9 drops orange essential oil

4 – 5 drops orange food dye

Re-purposed jar


Mix the sugar and the coconut oil

*Note: The coconut oil needs to be a liquid so you may need to heat using a double boiler or a bowl and saucepan*

Make sure the sugar is well covered and add the food colouring, stir until the colour is consistent throughout the mixture (you don’t want any sneaky sugar lumps either)


Add the essential oil and stir in thoroughly

Funnel into the jar and decorate

Some fun ideas for decorating these jars are: labels, ribbons, bows, jar toppers, or even painting the glass. For a silouette look why not see my “10 projects for leftover chalkboard paint” post to really spruse them up!

I bought these cute jar lid covers from amazon! Here’s the affiliate link:Kilner Jam Jar Covers Homemade, Pack of 24

Because of the vibrant colour, it makes a great Halloween adult party favour! Or you could pop it in a homemade pamper basket for Christmas!

Why not visit my “Winter Snow Body Scrub” or ” Orange & Lime Body Scrub” posts for more scrub inspiration.


More importantly add a gift label with ingredients (in case of allergies and because some people like to know what they are putting on their bodies – weirdos) or you can write on the underside of the lid cover 🙂

Because I know how busy you all are I thought you might be pressed for time when prepping these as gifts so I made a Free Gift Label Printable.

You’re Welcome. All I ask is that if you do use it and print it, then share it on social media so others can too 🙂



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