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This is a bit like a bath bomb, except you use 2 – 3 teaspoons of this powder concoction, sprinkled in the bath – the food dye turns it a cool colour (because who doesn’t want funky coloured bath water!!) and the herbs release the smell – similar to aromatherapy.

This really easy recipe is very adaptable and can make perfect little gifts in a mason jar pamper kit! – now there’s an idea

Perfect for a long relaxing soak!


40g Baking Powder

10g Lavender

10g Calendula Flowers (also known as marigold)

1 and a half Tsp food dye


Stir together the herbs and baking powder until mixed

Add the food dye

*Note: The food dye will react with the baking powder making it fizz, that’s ok just keep stiring and you’ll get coloured flake residue in the powder (the whole thing won’t change colour just parts)*

Then store in a jar (a dry jar) and add to the bath as needed

*Note: Do not get this mixture wet (other than when you’re going to put it in the bath) because it reacts, goes clumpy and starts to dissipate #Awkward*

You can experiment with colours and try different smelling herbs if you prefer – You need to be careful with herbs as some can be irritants on the skin (don’t want to be accidently pouring poison ivy into your bath- check out my herbal info for help


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