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Pregnant and…Tired

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If you’re tired, you sleep right? Wrong. Instead, pregnancy is apparently all about being Pregnant and…Tired

I already wrote a lack of pregnancy sleeping rant back in my second trimester and the lack of sleep seems to be a continuous trend throughout this pregnancy. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of what is to come! In the last trimester you are massive and for me, I struggle to breathe in certain positions because of my diminished lung capacity and the weight of the baby so I get woken up (probably better than suffocating to death but still!)

That being said, even if you manage to get a lot of sleep, one of the joys of pregnancy is that you naturally get tired anyway, especially during the third trimester. After all your body is doing a lot! Some of the reasons for this are:

5 Ways To Deal With Pregnancy Tiredness

Since I am more exhausted throughout the day, here are some ways I deal with it:


I mentioned it yesterday, I will mention it again today, naps are your friend and the only way I have been able to cope with life at all, particularly when pregnant and working. I have found that 15 minutes is prime napping time to give you the rest you need without making you groggy and stave off the tiredness!

2. Little And Often

Trying to do a lot makes me cranky and feel like I have just done a whole day’s work after 20 minutes! Instead, I do little bits and then have a sit-down. Particularly with housework. The joy of my actual job is that it is a lot of sitting so I actually have to get up and walk around. But it’s all about finding the right balance.

3. V Pillow

One of my pregnancy essentials. I had one during my first pregnancy and it was a godsend so it was one of my first purchases this time around! A V-shaped pillow can make you comfortable and relaxed when sitting or lying down to put you in a more comfortable position and offer more support!

4. Comfy PJ’s

You think that would be easy, but when everything comes up quite tight you wake up in the middle of the night wearing an impromptu crop top with a boob caught in it and it gets pretty uncomfortable. Anything you can get a hold of that is loose fitting tends to suit me! Even if you go and buy men’s t-shirts 5 sizes too big you’re onto a winner!

5. Your Diet

Make sure you are consuming plenty of protein and iron in your diet when pregnant and it will be a natural way to stave off the tiredness. If you are struggling or you are in need of extra reserves, talk to your healthcare provider about iron tablets!

How do you try to deal with pregnancy tiredness? Let me know in the comments

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