Cost-Effective Furniture Alternatives for Kids

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We have recently moved, and with a baby on the way, we are in serious need of furniture, and cost-effective furniture is even better!

Furniture is expensive and so is remodeling, so when Alex wanted to share her cost-effective furniture alternatives with me, I wanted to share them all with you! So without further ado, here’s her cost-effective furniture and decorating alternatives!

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—————Guest Post—————

Setting up a nursery or a kid’s room is one of the most exciting activities for a parent. It’s an opportunity to think about all the happy memories that are going to be created in that room. It’s also pretty expensive or at least there’s a misconception that it should be. A kid’s room can be decorated on a budget if you know where to look and what to look for.  This doesn’t mean furniture should lose any of its charm or quality.


Laminate floors are a great alternative to hardwood. They come in a variety of colors, which means you can fit them with all kinds of designs. It’s a durable material and once you get the room set up, there’s no more work needed. You can also put it over an existing floor. It’s resistant to mold and bacteria and it’s pretty easy to maintain. On the other hand, a laminate floor can be pretty hard, which may be a problem for a small kid. It imitates wood, but it doesn’t feel like it under your feet (kids won’t mind).

Reclaimed materials

If it’s well maintained, wood can last a really long time and be reused again and again. It’s fine if you don’t want to use recycled wood for a bed or crib (but there’s no reason not to). You can use it for everything else, from chairs to dressers and picture frames. It’s an environmentally friendly choice and it’s also kind of exciting for your furniture to have a story to tell. Reused wood come from old houses, furniture, and sometimes from logs which are too imperfect for fine pieces of furniture.

Bassinets and cribs

These tend to be the most expensive items in any kid’s room and there’s really no reason for it. They come with all kinds of bells and whistles, which add a lot of costs and not that much value. For instance, round cribs require round linen, which is harder to find and more expensive. Also, drawers beneath a crib make it cost twice as much and they are just mildly useful. It’s perfectly fine to put sheets a couple of steps further and save a lot of money on a regular drawer.


When it comes to children’s room style, it’s your job to make it seem festive and bright and no one will care about all the corners you cut. Start with fun kids floor rugs and work your way up from there. If it’s a baby’s room, bright colors on the walls will be enough, but later on, you have to add some favorite cartoon or comic book characters. These stickers are easy to find or make and they don’t cost that much, but they make the room feel special.

Thinking ahead

Kids tend to grow up pretty fast and although all the furniture that comes in a miniature size is really cute, it won’t be very useful after just a couple of months or a year. It’s ok to think about the future and get a couple of larger pieces of furniture – some storage units or comfy chairs for instance – which can be used for a while. Also, try to find furniture which can be reassembled and useful even after the kids don’t need it anymore. Durability and fixability should also be on your mind when you go shopping. If it’s something that’s going to break the first time it falls over – it isn’t made for children.


Use every discount available. Some stores offer discounts specifically for baby related products, others do it when you buy in bulk. Recycled materials can be found in factories or at specialized stores. Don’t be afraid to look around, both online and offline before you make the purchase. You can save a lot just by waiting for the right offer to come up.

A lot of money can be saved by being innovative and creative. Your most important job is to decide on the look and feel of kids’ rooms. If you got that covered, all the rest can be negotiated. Make a budget beforehand and stick to it religiously – it will pay off.

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